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Yowser, it's been a busy few weeks. It never seems like it, though, till I get down to the wire (aka Three Days Till We Leave For The Lake). This is when it seems like there are a million and eighteen things to do.

So, like any self-respecting journaler, I am putting it off for a little longer in order to recap here. Duh.

Boychild Went to Camp

I made minor mention of fetching Boychild from camp earlier last month, but he was so "Meh, whatever" about it that there really wasn't much to say, sadly. Looking through my camera the other day, though, I found this from the day we picked him up:

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I Finally Pamper Myself

Hubby gave me a "Spa Mani/Pedi Combo" gift certificate for Christmas last year, and on Saturday, I finally made use of it. It was FAB, and I should really try to do it a little more often, because my feet and hands feel GREAT. It's probably been two years since I last did this, maybe more.

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We Make Cookies

It was just pre-made dough in a container, but Boychild has been nagging for WEEKS to make it and to use food coloring in frosting to frost the cookies. So on Sunday, I finally gave in - unwillingly, because hubby decided to go ahead and buy some damn frosting - and ended up enjoying myself anyway. And damn if frosting doesn't keep the cookies chewy, which is how they bloody well should be!

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Those are the cookies I frosted; Boychild ate them as quickly as he frosted them. :)

I Kick Vacation Planning Into High Gear

The week or two leading up to vacation is a killer for me, so I make the Lists Of Doom. These are the lists by which 12 (give or take a few) people are governed for a week each year. I'm the general, they are my troops, and it does not matter that all but three of them are older than I am. It all gets done my way, or it doesn't get done at all...which is why I have to step up and do it. I plan meals (because if I let Mom do it, we'd be eating hotdogs every night, and that's not only boring, but gross), I make the grocery list, I do the shopping and appoint the troops who will come along, who will lug the haul inside the cabins, and who will run back and forth between the two in order to get the haul put away properly. I also get to boss everyone around when it comes to dinner preparations, which they all allow because they know they won't eat if left to their own devices for dinner.

Three of the Lists of Doom:
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Oh yes, there are more lists. Things to do before we leave, things to buy, things to do when we get back, the beginnings of lists for next year...


I Find My Muse

Holy crap you guys, I currently have a muse, and she is attempting to burst out of my fingers. It's like I can't type fast enough. I've written two scenes for my multi-chaptered next-gen, an entire chapter separate from those scenes, and am started on yet another chapter. It's been two years since I last had this! Keep your fingers crossed that I get some more time with this pretty muse over vacation next week!

I also finally posted the one-shots I've completed to, HERE. They were all written two or more years ago, but all the same - if you enjoy Harry Potter, I would be THRILLED to know what you think.

Speaking of Reading...

Boychild is doing all right with the "earning video game time by reading." He isn't playing as many video games, but does the reading when he really wants them. I gave him about five days with his Shel Silverstein poem books before I told him he needed to read something with more substance. So, he's now five or six chapters into The Alchemyst by Michael Scott, first in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. WOOT! He's still kind of pissy with me about it, but hey, he's reading it. And he's showing interest, minor though it may be, in starting my beloved Harry Potter books from the beginning. I pointed out to him last night that if it was real and he was a wizard, he'd be starting Hogwarts this September. THAT thought perked him up. Hee!!

I must also recommend to you Harry Potter readers that you read Fox Ears. It righted a devastating wrong for me, and I only found it about a month ago. Go, read it. Get Re-Fredded.

We Drive A LOT

We love to drive, and do it EVERYWHERE. We've had our car for three years now, and today, we hit 100,000 miles on the odometer. Granted, only 71,000 of them are actually ours (we bought it used), but hey, 71,000 in three years is nothing to sneeze at.

Before we hit it:
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And there we go:
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I'm straining under the weight of so many things to get done before we leave on Saturday, but I know that once we leave, it's going to be a great week.

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Date: 2010-08-07 08:26 pm (UTC)
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yay for cookies & i wish i was half-that organized on a trip.


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