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Day 21 – Another Moment

In July, actually. My grandmother (my father's mother) passed away last November, and my aunt decided that August this year would be a good time to bury her ashes. My dad was really pressuring me and hubby and Boychild to attend, though I really had no intention of doing so. Several texts were exchanged as I wasn't near a phone at the moment, and I ended up snapping at him that I was sick to death of people assuming that my lack of desire meant that I didn't care, and he - quite fairly, really - said that I always refuse or deny without giving an explanation, so what are people supposed to think?

So I ended up sending him a very long, very drawn-out email, explaining not only why I felt the way I did, but also why I just don't explain in general.

He texted me back a couple hours later with a response I didn't even know I needed. He told me I am the most articulate person he knows, and that he never would have thought of things from my unique angle. He apologized for so blindly trying to force me into something I didn't want just to make himself feel better, and for the coercing done last November when I didn't want to go to the hospital, either.

My dad can be mulish about a great many things, but those response texts remind me that he has the capacity to see someone else's viewpoint, and they show me - very clearly and unabashedly - that he really, truly values what I have to say and how things affect me (or don't, as the case may be). That in itself is a very, very big deal for me.

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