Nov. 22nd, 2010 12:50 pm
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I was going to post pictures this weekend, and I completely forgot. So I will post them tonight or tomorrow night, and for now, just do a basic update.

1. Boychild is doing fairly well in school, for the most part. He just got in trouble a week ago with hubby and I because he brought home some math worksheets with scores like 2/12 and 3/31, which is absolutely unacceptable because he's proven to us that he can do this math, he's just being lazy because he "doesn't like it."

Being mean parents, we grounded him from video games and snacks, and told him that the next assignment he brought home with a score like that would result in me taking away the radio he listens to at night. He has not brought home any failing assignments since.

2. The snow season is upon us, ladies and gentlemen; we went out in our first day of snow a couple weekends ago and snickered at all the stupid people who think their big, expensive cars and their 4-wheel-drive SUVs exempt them from driving carefully. Also picked up proper winter coats for both Boychild and myself, and I love them. They're super warm and while they're a bit puffy, they fit and are wonderful.

We also picked up a few hats and sets of gloves. Two weeks later, Boychild has already lost the first set. *rolls eyes*

3. I got three new fragrance oils for my bath salts, and they all smell wonderful, better even than I expected them to smell. I can't wait for craft day at my aunt's place - I've already been instructed to bring my smelly box and other tools. Linda usually tries to not duplicate any crafts each year, but she loved doing the salts so much that she decided we had to do them again. She told me she'd gone through her own salts she made within the first three weeks of having them last year, and has been pining for more ever since. I may have to make her an extra big bag full so she can have it last longer.

4. Christmas is the holiday we celebrate in my family, and we've already started getting ready. We have one gift for Boychild already, as well as plans in place for Mom and Dad, the niece and nephews far away and the sister still here, too.

I have a gift idea for hubby - that I will not reveal here because he sometimes reads this - and someone who is ordering it for me, and receiving it at their home, and wrapping it for me. And it will not appear under our tree until he is asleep on Christmas Eve, possibly not until Christmas morning when I am awake and can keep an eye on him. These are the lengths to which I must go in order to keep him from peeking at/shaking/guessing the damn presents!! By taking out cash and giving it to an undisclosed person, he can't check the bank account and see where money was spent. He can't be at their house to receive and/or open the package when it arrives (which would be the case if I was doing it through Bunny & John), and he won't know where it is to see it before it's wrapped. And by not having it in my possession until late Christmas Eve, maybe even Christmas morning, he can't be tempted to piss me off by shaking it or unwrapping a corner to peek or guessing what it is and ruining the pleasure of giving it to him. Because clearly, it is all about me. HEE!!

And believe me, I am enjoying every second of his agony right now. He is worse than Boychild, I shit you not. And I have it on excellent authority that hubby has been like this from the time he was a very small boy.

5. We had a craft & vendor sale for chapter earlier this month, and my mom was pleased to sell all but three of the items she brought to it - which is really nice for her because it gave her some spending money and a sense of accomplishment. Now she'll have a whole year to work on stuff for the next fair (instead of the three measly weeks I gave her to get ready this year), and I may even get in on it for next year and sell the bath salts I make - they're excellent gift-exchange and secret-santa gifts.

6. Had a fabulous weekend. Left work early on Friday and got all our Thanksgiving shopping done. I can hardly wait, it's going to be so good; turkey and gravy, stuffing, rice with almonds, green beans with bacon and almonds, mashed sweet potatoes and homemade cranberry sauce. Mom and Dad are providing drinks and Hawaiian sweet rolls (because honestly, nothing makes a better sandwich than all the aforementioned food stuffed together into a Hawaiian sweet roll - and no, I am not kidding), and we have some family friends - Steve and Sue - coming as well, and they will be bringing pies and ice cream. Mom will make deviled eggs once she arrives on Thursday, and we even have salted-in-the-shell peanuts for snacking. God, I'm half drooling right now just thinking about all of it!!

Made bacon and egg risotto for dinner that night, and invited Bunny and John to share it with us.

Bunny slept over, and we took her Christmas shopping while John took their car for minor surgery on Saturday morning, then we met up with him for lunch at our favorite mom & pop pizza place, which we haven't visited for FAR too long.

And then, those lovely grandparents, they took Boychild to spend the night at their place! Well, we were certainly pleased with that! We had ourselves some Chinese food at a restaurant that evening, then picked up my sister and brought her to our place to sleep over. I played some more Fable II and we had a quiet, adult-only evening.

On Sunday my parents joined us and we had goulash for dinner and watched something called Hangar 18 for a bit, and Mom made cheesecake for dessert.

We also pulled that huge-ass turkey out of the freezer and let out a collective sigh of relief when it fit into the roaster we have - we were uncertain if it would! - and we popped it into the fridge to begin the thawing process. Now I'm on the prowl for any containers with lids that fit properly so that we'll have stuff to put the leftovers in.

All in all, a lovely weekend!

7. We have not seen Harry Potter yet; we will probably wait a week or two before going. That's partially to avoid the crowds, but also, we're on a tight budget during the holiday shopping season, so we'll go when things aren't so constricted. But that's all right, I don't mind waiting. ;)

8. Back to the grind today, but it's a quiet day, as Evil Manager is out, so I'm enjoying the quiet. I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!

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about #1; sometime you have to get tough


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