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1. Mom's got a pre-op physical this afternoon, and is scheduled for outpatient surgery on Tuesday. They'll remove the lymph node, and do a biopsy on it afterwards. I guess the CAT scan was inconclusive enough to make the doc just want to remove the node altogether, and go from there. I'm not too worried; I think it's better to just get it out and see what's what.

2. WE LEAVE IN AN HOUR! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We're going to Duluth for the weekend, up to Island View Resort, where we've stayed a few times before. We really like the place, and we've been wanting to do it in the winter, so off we go for the weekend. I can hardly stand it, I'm so excited to get out of town for a couple days. We'll be in cabin 6, which looks great. *is excited*

3. We'll even be back in time for the football game on Sunday evening. I was telling Matt this morning that I don't care if they win or lose - I mean, obviously, winning is nice, but as long as they show up and play the game the way I know they are capable of doing, I'll be happy. All the same, GO VIKINGS!!

4. A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking. EARL WILSON.

5. Have a good weekend, everybody!!
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1. We went to the library on Saturday morning. I re-checked out The Stillest Day (Josephine Hart) since it was on the shelf, and also found Fire (Kristin Cashore) and The Magician's Guild (Trudi Canavan). I finished Fire before I went to sleep that night - it was VERY good.

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2. Had a lazy weekend, did a lot of reading. Went to Bunny and John's yesterday for split pea soup and grilled cheese sandwiches; watched the football game (YEAH, VIKES!!!) and got a fabulous box cut RIGHT ALONG THE CUTICLE on my left thumb. Bled like a stuck pig, straight through the first bandaid and well into a second. It's fine now, but MAN, did it hurt at the time.

3. Mom's CAT scan on Friday went fine, she gets the results today, so I'll have to call her later and find out what's up, since no one ever bothers to call me and tell me of their own volition. *rolls eyes*

4. Going up to Duluth for a little get-away next weekend. Cabin's all booked and I can't wait. Even if all we do is hunker down for the weekend inside the cabin, it will nice to get out of town for a couple days. I leave work early on Friday, and we come back Sunday afternoon - in time to watch the game!

5. GO VIKINGS!! I actually don't really know who will win - my team is excellent, but the Saints are AWESOME. It's going to be a tough game. I think we could win, but I have no delusions whatsoever regarding the Vikes' capability of bombing it. Either way, we'll tune in.

6. Go away, monthly annoyance. You're not wanted in this body.
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Lots of little things. )

13. I actually think that's everything for now. How are all of you? Did you have a good holiday? What was the best part? The worst? What are your hopes and plans for 2010?

14. *points to icon* I just had to point out how ridiculously appropriate that icon is right now. I should be working, but I'm totally not. ... Must work on that.

Your life is an occasion. Rise to it. MR. MAGORIUM, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.

A good day.

Nov. 1st, 2009 05:15 pm
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1. Got my hour back. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2. My Vikes are currently winning, but we just lost the ball; 24 to 13, the Pack just got a first down, and there's 5:40 left in the third. Argh. Fuck. They just got a touchdown. My team's game is falling apart.

3. I have Halloween pics. )

4. Game update: Vikes are leading 31 to 20, just got a touchdown and there's 13:30 left in the fourth quarter. That's better than it was. Go, Vikes!!

5. Candy on sale is awesome.

6. Cleaned the balcony today; swept up the leaves, emptied the dead flower pots, tossed the dead box the herbs were in. It looks better.

7. Making dinner now. Chicken patties and leftover mac-n-cheese. And some cheese sticks we'll heat up in the oven.

8. Bunny made pea soup yesterday and sent us home with an entire pot of it. When we put the pot on the stove today to heat up, it smelled icky and got foamy and we ended up dumping it. People who are better cooks than me: should we maybe have removed it from the pot and put it in different containers when we got home last night instead of putting the pot in the fridge as-is?

9. I realized none of you really know what Bunny and John look like. They are Mikey's grandparents, the mother and stepfather of Mikey's biological father, and some of our very best friends. We are very lucky to have them; this is a pic of them from last weekend:
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10. Pack just got a TD, score is 31 to 26, 10 minutes remaining. *growls*
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1. So. Work is stressful. Friday night was... Let's just say that I have not been THIS stressed in a VERY LONG TIME. So many things are so very messed up, so very confusing and so very irritating; we get told nothing but are expected to be happy to keep producing while they dink around with this and that. Changes are one thing, but when you don't keep your people informed adequately or flat-out ignore them, their desire to just do the work wanes significantly.

On top of all this, my new manager? Her father suddenly passed away, so now she's gone in South Africa for a month. I feel horrible for her, because I'd probably lose it if that happened to me - but also, what horrible timing on the part of fate!

And there are people here who are already suspicious of the timing, wondering if she got a better offer from another place and jumped ship, since this particular ship is so wrought with holes. *rolls eyes*

2. I updated my reading list; I took a few books off because I don't know that I want to read them all. I'd rather just start with the first and see if I'm interested enough to move on to the others.

Updated Reading List )

I had The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) on hold at the library, but never got there in time to pick it up, so it'll have to wait. Currently, I've started A Wind In The Door (Madeleine L'Engle), and I still have both The Stolen Child (Keith Donohue) and Letter to a Christian Nation (Sam Harris). I also picked up A Swiftly Tilting Planet (Madeleine L'Engle), since A Wrinkle In Time went so quickly.

3. Vikings play the Packers this Sunday at 3:00 P.M. I'm making a big-ass pan of tater-tot hotdish and inviting people over to watch the Vikes kick Packer ass...or lose miserably, as the case may be. I love me my Vikes, but I am not delusional about their abilities! Image and video hosting by TinyPic BETH - you and Dana and the girls are invited - we hope you can come! Let us know.

4. I've gotten more done at work yesterday and today than I have in the last two weeks combined. Is that sad? I'm just not into this whole supervisor thing. PAY = YES, PEOPLE = NO.

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Made for me on request by [ profile] xsprite at [ profile] nightbreeze_gfx.

What are everyone's Halloween plans this year? We're spending the afternoon at Bunny and John's place, since that's where we'll be taking Mikey around for trick-or-treating. Mikey's going to be...get this...a WHOOPEE CUSHION. Image and video hosting by TinyPic I shit you not, he has the costume already and everything. As soon as I get a pic, I'll put it up, I promise.

6. That's all for now, methinks. ;)


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