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1. Nothing too new from Friday's post. I went to the doctor; I am showing signs of "ulnar nerve compression," and have been referred for physical therapy and possibly an EMG. I don't want the EMG because it requires sticking my arm with several sharp things, so we'll see if PT helps, first. The only thing that didn't fit with the UNC diagnosis was the swelling, so they're going to keep an eye on it.

Also, it has been recommended that my workspace have an ergonomic evaluation by the safety education coordinator - who will have a field day because none of these workstations are ergonomically correct in any way whatsoever.

So now I have a wrist brace thing, which I have discovered I hate. Passionately. But I wear it most of the time. I have to take it off here and there because DAMN, it is irritating - and a little painful - but I'm mostly behaving myself.

2. Boychild had his very first school dance on Friday. A Halloween dance, of course; he and one of his best friends, Thing 1 (Thing 2 is one grade behind them in another school), went together to eat free pizza and see what exactly a "dance" is all about. Neither of them danced apparently, but they played pool and ate pizza and drank soda and ogled some girls they don't want to admit to finding attractive. I am assuming this is typical 13-year-old boy behavior; both are interested in the possibility of more dances.

I feel bloody OLD. Didn't I just get home from a junior high school dance five days ago? *sigh*

3. Hubby and I killed time while the boys were at their dance by first hitting up Trader Joe's - they have so much great stuff. We picked up some pumpkin cream cheese and gingersnap cookies (dip the cookies in the cream cheese and ZOMG, autumn treat heaven, I shit you not), some chai mix and cereal, and "toscana cheese brushed with cinnamon," which is the reason I wanted to go in the first place. SO. GOOD.

After that, we spent the rest of our time in Barnes & Noble, ogling books. [ profile] superbeffie, I picked up The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and proceeded to devour it. I still need to read the other two, but I read the first and am willing to discuss it with you if you want!

4. Made cheeseburger chowder for dinner yesterday, and the crock pot just wasn't big enough. Had to move it into a huge canning pot to finish cooking the last couple hours. Our crock pot has served us very well for 11 years, but we're going to need to pick up another for bigger jobs, I think. Regardless, the soup turned out great and I have leftovers for lunch. Nom.

5. Boychild has not yet decided whether he's going to trick-or-treat tonight. We've left it up to him, but whether or not he goes, this is his last year. He carved a pumpkin last night (after getting Grandma to clean it for him, the wimp), and it's on the balcony now.

6. Huh. I don't think I have a six. Guess that means I'm done for now!

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I am flailing a bit at the thought of typing up All The Words. I haven't posted in ages, it seems - indeed, I am not even certain when my last post WAS. Summer. Probably.

Shall we see if I can sumarize?

1. Boychild started seventh grade and turned 13. Same curriculum, but new school, new approach to classes (he's got eight different ones and has to move between them, whereas in previous years it's been one teacher and mostly the same classroom). There has been much struggling, both for him and for us, and tears on both sides to prove it. Things are smoothing out some now, but it's going to be a work in progress.

A little grainy, as I saved it from hubby's FB with my phone, sorry... )

2. Work is...better. I am still swamped, both overloaded and manager-admitted-underpaid, but-. Changes - big ones - are in the works. I just got my yearly review today, and it was actually really, really good. I was given more info than my other coworkers are being given because the manager is expecting bigger things from me. As a result, I feel very secure in my position, and am aware that doors will be opened in various ways soon, and all I have to do is step through them. I can be open minded, and he is aware that he'll need to give me details in some areas. I'm not feeling the need to seek employment elsewhere, so as far as I'm concerned, things are looking so much better than they were a year ago, even six months ago.

3. Dad had gastric bypass at the beginning of September. He's lost 70 pounds so far, has already lost several clothing sizes, is back into a belt he hasn't been able to use for five years, and is *this far* from being considered "no longer diabetic." This is a HUGE deal, and means that the surgery was really the right thing for him.

4. Sister number three (child number four of the five of us) went through extensive psychiatric testing over the last several months, and the results are in - she will never be able to hold down any kind of meaningful work, or be a functioning member or society. She will probably always live with my parents. While the diagnosis vexes me (I do not pretend to understand how depression or mental illness work), at least now she can apply for disability benefits and possibly bring in *something* to help with my parents' expenses.

5. Sister number two (child three) had her baby girl at the end of August. Eja Alessandra was born 25 August at 12:30 AM EST, 5 pounds, 10.2 ounces and 19 inches long. She was healthy at birth and mom came through it better than her first one. A day later, some kind of enzyme or something stopped working or started working or (Jesus, can we tell I'm not even remotely clued in to illness-related stuff?!) whatever, and baby had a partially collapsed lung, among other things. It was touch and go for a couple days, and then my sister and her hubby moved the baby to a children's hospital, where she immediately began improving. God bless children's hospitals, as well as their incredible staff!! Eja is happy and healthy now, and getting bigger each day.

A few pictures of my pretty niece! )

6. Try not to pass out with this news: I am going to the doctor today. Not for most of the things I should also probably be seen for, but-. Last month, my right elbow started hurting. It only took a day or two for it to shift and spread down the outer part of my forearm and into my outer wrist and the ring and pinky fingers.

It's affecting my work speed; it hurts to add more than a couple pages of figures. Typing too long hurts. Sometimes writing - the act of holding the pen itself - hurts. And lots of other things are affected, too: I can't really open my own soda bottles anymore, or lift a pot of pasta to drain it, etc. I get out of having to help carry in the groceries, but that's not exactly a trade-off I can fully enjoy, as it hurts to do a host of other things I never actually realized used those particular areas.

I had to wait to be seen, unfortunately, but the day is here, so we'll see what's what, hopefully. Everything I've read points me away from carpal tunnel and mostly in the direction of tennis elbow, but again - we'll see what's what.

On the TMI scale... )

7. We had our week at the lake in August, which was lovely, and we just had a long weekend up in Duluth, which for the first time ever was GORGEOUS, weather-wise. I would LOVE to live up there. I never, ever get tired of it, even in the rain and gloom and snow. There weren't many leaves left on the trees, but the ones that were there were that stunning autumn red.

8. I've been writing quite a bit, working on my next-gen HP piece I started years ago. I'm revamping quite a bit and writing new scenes, too, and enjoying every second of it. Speaking of HP, one of these days I should post another of my one-shots.

9. Um. I think that's everything? If you'd like me to expand on anything, please let me know! I am reading entries, but haven't commented in ages; I will work on that, but am making no promises as we head into the ever-busy holiday season. Please know that I read you all and am thinking about you. ♥
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I am so, so cranky.

My mouth hurts, but it's an abstract kind of pain. My gums hurt, of course, but the entire area is having phantom pains from that damn wedge thing, and it's making me all weepy. I was supposed to have another tooth filled yesterday, but the dentist decided I'd had enough for the day, and I didn't argue. I can't even-. *waves hand vaguely*

I get like this after trauma. Sorry.

I want to take half a Vicodin, but 1) I'm at work now and it's supposed to make you drowsy - and with the way a single dose of Benadryl knocks me out, any kind of drowsy is not a good idea at work - and 2) I want to buy a pill cutter so I CAN take only half. Pill cutter will have to wait till after work, sadly.

I haven't actually cried today, but I feel like anything could set me off. Already came close when Problem Child had himself another ridiculous rant. *rolls eyes at self* Maybe I should've stayed home today. *if only, if only*

In other news, Mikey informed us yesterday that the best part about summer school is that since he leaves at 12:30 each day, he and the other kids who leave then get to go straight to the front of the lunch line. That's my kid, food-driven. Hee!

We also decided to institute a new video game rule. He loves them, but we think he plays far too much. So we told him that starting today, he has to earn his video game time by reading. The look on his face was PRICELESS. He HATES reading, but we made it clear that how often he plays video games is up to him. He can play for two hours if he wants, but he must read for two hours first - and he needs to be able to tell us what happened in the book. He already started reading this morning on the way to school. We arrived there to drop him off, turned around to look at him, and he was putting in a bookmark, looking at the clock on the dashboard and saying, "Huh, fourteen minutes. Not bad!" So YAY, he's taking it to heart. So far, anyway. ;)
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My mouth is KILLING me.

I ended up going to the dentist today for an evaluation because seriously? This can't go on.

I got a prescription for penicillin to combat an infection, and appointment for a root canal in one tooth and a filling in the one next to it.

There are some other cavities that need filling, but right now these two are the problem. I'm scared, but not as badly as I might otherwise be; the pain is enough.

But sad news: my appointment isn't till JULY 19. God, help me.
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I am so completely stuck on this song. It's called "Fireflies" by Owl City. The entire album is wonderful, but this song-. It's the first one I heard, so I love it best right now.

Embedding isn't allowed for this one, but click the link, watch the music video for it - it's just fabulous: Fireflies Let me know what you think!


Not much else right now. I'm working on day four of this headache - I'm thinking it's tooth-related. I have an appointment for the 7th of December for my fillings; my mouth is finally starting to hurt. It's pissing me off. I have some numbing stuff, but it doesn't last very long. :/


Had Mom and Dad, Karen, Bunny, John and Dana over for dinner and company last night. Made tater tot hotdish, and mini apple cider cheesecakes. And pumpkin pie, too. It was a lovely evening. BETH, WE MISSED YOU AND THE GIRLS!!

OK, that's the gist of it for now. :)


Sep. 2nd, 2009 11:26 am
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Going to the dentist today. First time in 13 years.

Just a set of XRays and a cleaning today, since it's been so long, but still...hands in my mouth, things in my mouth, getting scolded for having poor habits... NOT looking forward to this.

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't gag violently every time I brush my teeth. And if I didn't have such a big mouth fetish.

Someone, save me. *sighs*
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Such a lie. I'm absolutely terrified.

I'm happy to be free for a few days, to be able to relax. And maybe I'll even enjoy it and have a good time - I'm hoping so.

But that irrational fear is kind of lurking there in the background - guess we'll find out what I'm made of in a few hours, hmm? *LOL*

In other news, my dad had a job interview today. Whatever you do to send good luck vibes - pray, chant, cross fingers, sacrifice small animals - please keep him in mind; he needs this job. WE need him to have this job.

All right, y'all - this is it for me. I'm off to the blood-thirsty buffalo (Buffaloes? Why do I still not know the plural for a buffalo?)...if I make it back mostly unscathed, I'll post pictures.

Lurve you all. Like, ridiculously. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
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I have no point to this post, really. I just felt like ruminating on something that's kind of hovering like a bad aftertaste in the back of my throat...

So we're going on vacation soon. Third weekend in June, to be exact. We've been wanting to go to South Dakota for a while, since none of us has ever been. And someone - I'm not sure whom, but it sure as hell wasn't me - had the brilliant idea to go there *scrunches up face* camping.

Now, I make no secret of the fact that I am a born-and-bred city girl. I'm afraid of farm animals, for pity's sake. Farm animals! You know, cows, horses, sheep? Terrified of them. And chickens! *shudders* I love the idea of open land and lots of space - but I need a city within an hour's drive to keep myself from going crazy, right?

So now my loving husband AKA Spawn of Satan is ready and raring to take me, self-affirmed city-girl, out into Custer State Park to sleep in a tent. For four nights. Because he thinks it'll be a nice way to get away...and funny to see ME there. There are BUFFALO (buffaloes?) in there. Just roaming around! And mountain lions! And God-only-knows WHAT other creepy-crawlies.

There are flushing toilets and real showers, thank GOD and everything holy. They're, like, way far away from our campsite - but at least it's some modicum of civilization, right? I'll just have to make sure I go before we turn in for the night, because I am not wandering anywhere on my own in the middle of the night (Because what if some buffalo snorted on me or something? For real, it could happen, and it terrifies me! You have no idea just how NOT kidding I am!), and I don't DO outhouses. Not even if I have to go real, real bad.

Honestly, my idea of camping is actually finding the nearest Motel 6. If we're talking Motel 6, then yeah, I've been camping so many times, I can't count them all. I'm a FABULOUS camper.

But NOOOO... We have to get a tent. *rolls eyes* We already own an air mattress, but need another. Mikey's grandparents are going as well, and my sister, Amanda. Everyone is completely looking forward to it, although I think they're all more interested in me and how I handle it.

*sighs* And there was much rejoicing...yayyy...

And just for the record, I'm grinning while writing this...but I really am internally freaking out about this trip.


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