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Seriously, this winter has just been hanging on and hanging on. It's been Spring for a month and we've had snow several times since then.

Which, yes, I know is fairly common around here, but still. I love Winter, I love snow, I love the cold - but even I have my limits. I am ready to stop putting on socks every day, and to stop wearing a bulky coat.

This was Wednesday morning where I live. )


I haven't posted in a while - last time, I left y'all with woe about our car. Things are better now, I'm just finally taking a moment to post.

Car and California. )

Foooood. )

What is the world coming to? )

Haircut! )

OK, I think that's it for now; I will have to come back with pictures next time from California, and of my hair. I hope y'all are having a nicer warm-up for Spring than we are (I know, Wisconsin, believe me - I know), and hopefully I will be back here more often to post. XD.
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Why is December always such a mad rush to the finish line?! I feel like there are a million and one things to do, and I've got two weeks to do them in; it's mind-boggling.

Just a few things here and there. )

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season so far!


Nov. 22nd, 2010 12:50 pm
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I was going to post pictures this weekend, and I completely forgot. So I will post them tonight or tomorrow night, and for now, just do a basic update.

Life, the Universe and Everything. )

8. Back to the grind today, but it's a quiet day, as Evil Manager is out, so I'm enjoying the quiet. I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!
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Happy Autumn, everyone!!

Day 22 – Something That Upsets You )

The 30-Day Meme List )
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1. Mine, this time! I am 32 years old today, and all I want at the moment is to crawl back into bed. I was sick all last week, and right up until about three or four o'clock this morning! So of course, I'm back at work today - but sore and tired. BUT HEY, MY STOMACH ISN'T QUEASY ANYMORE! It really was so queasy for so many days, and my whole body is now just exhausted after being so tense for so long.

And I'm hungry, but a little bit leery about eating anything. So methinks it'll just be one small slice of pizza tonight, and a small piece of whatever kind of cake hubby finds and brings home...I'm kind of hoping it's cheesecake or ice cream cake, but I'll be happy with anything.

In other news... )

8. I think that's everything for now. Did you all have a good weekend?
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I'm siiiiiiiiiiiiiccckkkkkk.

And I don't like it. I'm so pissy about it, because I managed to stay healthy ALL. WINTER., then early spring comes around and RUINS EVERYTHING.

Left work after two hours on Monday with a fever, which was gone by bedtime. Felt like crap till around one-thirty-ish yesterday, after which I felt better.

Knew I'd feel raw this morning, but figured it would go away.

NOT GOING AWAY, PEOPLE. Every time I cough, it's not that awful unstoppable coughing, but it feels like hot knives are ripping up the inside of my throat. And it's making the headache flare out with each dry hack, then the headache recedes back into the edges of my head. It's there, but lurking.

I will probably head home early again today; my boss already said to stay away from her and to go home if I feel like it.

I did, however, get quite a bit done today so far, so I'm feeling marginally accomplished. Silver lining, yes?

How are all of YOU?
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1. First things first - I'm kind of surprised no one had anything to say about my last post. If you simply missed it but are reading this one, I would really appreciate thoughts on the previous one.

2. It was such a fabulous weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we were kid-free till Sunday afternoon. Hubby and I had ourselves a day-long date on Saturday and it was perfect. We had an early lunch, did some shopping, just drove around for a few hours, did a little more shopping, took in a movie, had a late dinner and went home. MAN, did I love Saturday.

3. The movie we saw was Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and it was very good. I love the books, and while obviously stuff had to be cut out for a movie, and of course they messed crap up, it was still very good, and made hubby want to read the book. Excellent. I also loved being able to prod him along through the movie, to be able to see a scene spread out and be able to say, "OK, what do you see a lot of? Who do you think they'll meet here? What do you think is happening here?" It was really fun to watch things click for him with just a word here, a prod there.

4. Cut for pictures! )

5. Speaking of this Saturday, Valerie and Bailey are visiting with baby Phoenix. They'll arrive Friday, and we'll probably see them Saturday or Sunday. I'll have to try to take pictures - for having a stupid name, the kid is way cute, and happy, too.

6. Big Bang Theory tonight - yay! XD.
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1. I am LOVING autumn so far. I love the cooler weather, the turning leaves, the warm colors and the fabulous smells.

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I had to show her off, she's so beautiful. Made for me on request by [ profile] xsprite at [ profile] nightbreeze_gfx. I may ask her to make me a few more for the other seasons!

Anyway, HAPPY AUTUMN to my co-Northern-Hemisphere peeps! (I don't think I HAVE any Southern Hemisphere peeps, but I figured I better differentiate, just in case.) *hee*

2. Mikey's doing so well in school this year! No behavior issues so far, AND he's keeping a B+ average. Way cool.

3. Just renewed both Oblivion and The Stillest Day (Josephine Hart) at the library; OT takes away a lot of good reading time, unfortunately. I also put holds on five other books. They are A Game of Thrones (George R.R. Martin), The Stolen Child (Keith Donohue), Letter to a Christian Nation (Sam Harris), The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) and A Wrinkle In Time (Madeleine L'Engle).

4. While typing this, Mikey JUST broke his glasses. He needs new ones anyway, but DAMMIT, THAT WAS HIS ONLY. PAIR. GOD, I don't get this kid sometimes. I was NEVER like this. What am I doing wrong? Why doesn't he listen and be careful? Rhetorical questions, no need to answer them. I know I wasn't any shade of "normal" as a kid. It's just so frustrating. I'm just shaking with anger, I can't even talk to him right now. God, I'm a horrible mom.

Matt's got to make a special trip now to go get some super glue, because tape isn't working. Jesus, he broke them right in the middle, like Harry's glasses in PS.

5. I think I have a temper problem. I've noticed it gets worse as I get older. I just want people to fucking listen to me and do what I damn well tell them to do. The first time, and immediately. I understand if they're in the middle of something, but for the love of God, if I tell you to be careful and not to do something, then acknowledge that you understood me, and prove it - BE CAREFUL AND DON'T DO THAT THING! HOW FUCKING DIFFICULT IS IT?

Sorry. [/TANTRUM].

6. Going to the 3D "Toy Story" double feature this coming Saturday. :) Can't wait.

7. Uhh... That must be it. I forget so many things recently. *sigh* How's everything with the rest of you, especially those I don't talk with too often?


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