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1. I finished Damage and Sin, both by Josephine Hart, and have started Oblivion. And, of course, added a couple more to the list. It keeps getting longer, but I can't help it - there are so many good books out there.

Updated my reading list! )

2. Some of you may have already read it on my Facebook, but I'll repost it here for those who haven't - I have the greatest kid. We were in the car, heading off to run a few errands after dropping off Mikey's sleepover friends yesterday. They have several gerbils, and Mikey was saying that they smell, so Matt informed him that his bedroom would smell like that ALL. THE. TIME. if he got his own gerbil. And then Matt also explained that I'd never be able to go into Mikey's room again. He said, "You like it when Mommy tickles you and plays games with you at bedtime, right? And when she kisses you and hugs you and tucks you in?" And Mikey, slowly following along, "Yeah."

Matt: "Well, Mommy wouldn't be able to do that anymore if you had a gerbil." Trying to reason with him.

Mike: "We could put it in another room, it wouldn't have to be in my bedroom." Mumbling a little, here.

Me: "Like where, Mike? We don't have a big apartment."

Mike: "Well, like the living room, maybe."

Me: "I couldn't go in the living room anymore, then."

Matt: "She wouldn't be able to sit with us or watch movies with us, or play video games, or eat dinner even, since the living room and dining room are all one big room, Mikey."

Mike: "Well, it's probably just the fur she's allergic to." Petulant, now.

Matt: "That's EXACTLY what she's allergic to!" Smiling, but still being reasonable in explaining.

Mikey, exasperated and edging into the-answer-is-so-obvious-you-dummies mode: "SHAVE IT!"

Matt and I just about lost it, picturing Matt carefully shaving a small rodent! And Matt replies, "I'm not shaving a gerbil!!" XDXDXD.

3. Sad - [ profile] loveweasleys04 called to invite us over to watch the football game today, and I was all ready to say, "Sure!!" But then she said it starts at NOON! *cries* I'm here at work till about 3:30, so we'll completely miss it. Boo. But thanks anyway, Beth - we'll try it again another weekend!

4. BETH. I forgot, I have Evie's tiny little hair clippie, the pale coral one. Fell out of her hair last time you guys were over; I'll bring it back one of these days, if I remember! *LOL*

5. It is SO. HOT. up here. I've moved the thermostat down twice, but it's not helping yet. It's also bright and muggy outside - urgh. I'm hoping for more rain and a good thunderstorm, but it may just continue to be tense outside instead. *blows out a breath* Which would just figure, of course.

6. Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity. PAULO COELHO, THE ALCHEMIST.


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