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Today is my 10th wedding anniversary! I'm so proud of us, I just had to share. Tonight, Boychild will be sleeping at his grandparents' place and hubby and I are going to spend the night at the casino. We got a great deal on a really nice room, and it includes a $10 coupon to use toward dinner (because we are world-class cheap asses, this is a great thing), as well as a coupon that will give us $10 free if we spend $10 in the casino. We don't know if we'll bother with that part or not, but it's cool to have if we do. Hour and a half, and we go! So excited!

Day 17 – Your Favorite Memory

Wow, there are so many. It's difficult to narrow it down to one absolute favorite, as I treasure many memories. I suppose I'd have to say that the few years I had with my grandparents are among my best memories.

I loved waking up in my grandparents' home, I loved climbing their plum tree and picking plums straight off the tree to eat, I loved the piano in my back bedroom and playing on it, picking out tunes long before I could ever read music. I loved the big-ass television and lying on the old yellow carpet in front of it. I loved - adored - the cuckoo clock. I earned quarters for scratching Grandpa's back, and tootsie pops for picking up the sticks in the yard so he could mow the lawn on the big riding lawn mower. I'd turn their toilet paper roll around so it would roll over instead of under, and lie for hours outside in the lily-of-the-valley patch below the big picture window. All those memories are clear and lovely, even all these years since.

The 30-Day Meme List

Day 01 - Introduce Yourself
Day 02 – Your First Love
Day 03 – Your Parents
Day 04 – What You Ate Today
Day 05 – Your Definition Of Love
Day 06 – Your Day
Day 07 – Your Best Friend
Day 08 – A Moment
Day 09 – Your Beliefs
Day 10 – What You Wore Today
Day 11 – Your Siblings
Day 12 – What’s In Your Bag
Day 13 – This Week
Day 14 – What You Wore Today
Day 15 – Your Dreams
Day 16 – Your First Kiss
Day 17 – Your Favorite Memory
Day 18 – Your Favorite Birthday
Day 19 – Something You Regret
Day 20 – This Month
Day 21 – Another Moment
Day 22 – Something That Upsets You
Day 23 – Something That Makes You Feel Better
Day 24 – Something That Makes You Cry
Day 25 – A First
Day 26 – Your Fears
Day 27 – Your Favorite Place
Day 28 – Something That You Miss
Day 29 – Your Aspirations
Day 30 – One Last Moment
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