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Jul. 13th, 2017 10:58 pm
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[personal profile] rthstewart, I saw this today and all I could think about was Jalur. Thought you might like to see. ♡

Also, forgive me, I can't figure out embedding at the moment.
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Okay, so I've spent a bit of time over the last week thoroughly enjoying this three-sentence ficathon thing that [personal profile] rthstewart has going on over here.

It took me a while to jump in, but I'm glad I did. I've filled two or three prompts (four? I have no idea, I'll have to go find them and put them in here at some point), and even made some prompts of my own. I may even do some more.

Go have a peek if you're interested, it's not specific to any one fandom, and I really am having a blast with it.

Prompts I've Filled:

1. Avengers, Bruce/Natasha, so shock me - [personal profile] vialethe
2. Narnia, Lucy and Peter (or Lucy/Peter), joy and strength - [personal profile] starbrow
3. Narnia/Avengers, Susan/Hawkeye, the target - [ profile] saoirse7
4. any, any, "This is the way the world ends. / Not with a bang, but a whimper." - [personal profile] tiny_white_hats
5. Narnia, Pevensies, and as we move from dusk to dusk/what will survive of us is love/and even if it's not enough, it's something good - [personal profile] vialethe
6. Any, any, you use your heart as a weapon - [personal profile] betony

Prompts I've Given (That Others Have Filled So Beautifully):

1. Dark Is Rising/rthstewart's Narnia cross, Will + Susan, royal mien - filled by [personal profile] pencildragon11
2. Narnia, Eustace +/ Jill, it seemed like a good idea at the time - filled by [personal profile] wingedflight and [personal profile] autumnia
3. Avengers, Steve Rogers, these little wonders still remain - filled by [ profile] saoirse7 and [personal profile] lar_laughs
4. Narnia, Susan (+/ any), never even noticed we're suddenly crumbling - filled by [personal profile] vialethe


Sep. 1st, 2010 01:27 pm
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[ profile] wandaxmaximoff gave me the letter G, so here we go:

Cut for More of My Favorites )

Feel free to give me another letter, and to ask for your own letter. I'd like to know what y'all like to listen to, as well! ;)
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Been meaning to do this for a while, now; happened to have a few minutes and thought I'd get to it. ;) Settle in for a few minutes and listen to some of my favorites.

1. If you'd like to play along, reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. You then list (and upload or link to the video, if you feel like it) 5 (6, 7) songs that start with that letter.
3. Then, as I'm doing here, you'll post the list to your journal with the instructions.

I found this about a month ago on [personal profile] wyldbutterflies' journal, and Angora gave me the letter "L." Good choice, Angora. *thumbs up*

Cut for some fabulous music, as defined by me. )

So? Hate 'em? Love 'em? I'm interested. Feel free to give me another letter, and to ask for your own letter. I'd like to know what y'all like to listen to, as well! ;)
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OK, so I was in the bathroom a few minutes ago, and I heard this horn. It was just a simple little two-note fanfare, and while I wasn't concerned, my brain began to wonder...

And so now I'm all panicked. When the dead are raised and we are all called to heaven, what happens during Rapture if I'm in the bathroom? Because seriously, it would be just my luck, and not the first time I've been in there when something big is going down.

I'm laughing hysterically right now, but part of me is just freaked out!

What do you think will happen to people who are taking care of business when the last trumpet sounds?! THESE ARE THE THINGS I THINK ABOUT.
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So I'm sitting here at work, trying to plow through all this STUFF, and come across a stickie that has the title and author of a book recommended to me by [ profile] superbeffie. Then I realized that I really haven't gone through and updated my reading list in far too long.

So I've spent some of this lunch hour doing just that; I've deleted a few books here and there that I might have wanted to read at one time but no longer have an interest in, struck-through the ones I've completed since the last time I updated, added a couple that weren't on the list before (including Beth's recommendation), and then renumbered the list.

Several of these, I've checked out but didn't get a chance to read them before they were due...which is why they remain on the list even though I've had them in my possession before.

Updated Reading List )

If I ever get to the point where I update this on a more regular basis, I'll make sure to clear the ones I've read off the list entirely. Right now, however, they serve as a reminder to myself of what I've read.

Now I just need to pay my library fines so I can go check out more books. It's only ten bucks, but I'm slow and lazy. *snerk*
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1. So I'm lagging behind again, as per usual, but that makes this no less heartfelt. To all the moms on my flist, whether your children are human or otherwise:

Happy Mother's Day!!

On Saturday afternoon, the boychild decided to get a subtle hint across:

Boychild: "Mommy, you can sleep in as long as you want tomorrow."
Me: "I can? As long as I want?"
Boychild: "Yup." ... "But you should sleep on your BACK."
Me: *trying hard not to snicker and giggle*

Now, I would say that maybe only moms might understand the reasoning behind that suggestion, but my cousin's wife, who is a mom herself, didn't get the implication, so I can't assume everyone reads into it what was so easy to see. It was his way of ensuring that I would be in the proper position for him to set a tray on my lap in the morning, brimming with "breakfast." ROTFL.

I got scrambled eggs with cheese melted on them, pancakes nearly drowning in syrup, bacon too crisp to eat and burnt toast slathered with butter and strawberry jam. Despite some of these unfortunate things, it was still the best breakfast ever. And he was so excited to have done it. ♥♥♥

Hubby made a fabulous roast beef with potatoes, carrots and celery for dinner, and Yorkshire pudding to go with it, and there was ice cream for dessert. We invited my parents and sister over to join us and had a lovely evening.

2. We didn't go to the church yesterday. We'd planned on it, quite forgetting that it was going to be Mother's Day. So we intend to aim for NEXT Sunday. Hubby already has another church picked out to try after that one. He's leaning hard toward a United Church of Christ church, because based on what he's read and his growing-up-experiences, they seem to be most closely aligned with what we both believe.

I have a hard time in the whole church/religion department. Do I believe in God/Jesus? Yes. Do I subscribe to one set of rules for how best to follow Him? Hell, no. I don't always have the greatest amount of faith, I don't habitually - or even easily - pray (though that's a whole other kettle of fish), I don't believe that to be a good Christian, you have to go to church every Sunday. From any church I attend, I expect to be accepted however I choose to arrive, whether I am in formal attire or rags. I expect that my thoughts and opinions are respected, whether or not they are agreed with. I expect that ANYBODY is welcome to join in, regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation or anything else that I'm currently forgetting to include. I expect that questions are accepted and considered thoughtfully, if not encouraged, and I expect that should I choose to regularly continue attending the church, I am not required to TAKE A CLASS.

I know I'm kind of all over the place with this whole discussion, I haven't exactly thought my points through very clearly, so bear with me, here. This whole "You have to take a class before you can be a member of this church" thing...NONONONONO. I want no part of any church that requires me to attend a class in order to be fully welcomed. That's not acceptance, that's not CHRISTIAN. My parents' church made them take a class in order to be members. My dad said it was "to make sure they believed what the church believed." *snorts haughtily* I was so offended on their behalf, because God knows they didn't have the sense to be offended themselves. *rolls eyes* I love my parents, don't get me wrong; I simply despair over their version of "Christian."

So to sum up: If I'm attending a church, they need to accept me no matter how I look or what I believe, as well as any other human being. If they can't or won't, then it's not the church for me.

Reading back over this whole section, DUDE. Help me flesh this out. Ask me questions. Make me think about it. It feels like random points with no concrete frame, no solid foundation. Wait, scratch that last bit - my foundation is simply that we are all human, and all of us are worth the same, regardless of choices we make throughout our lives. But still - point out my wobbles, ask questions, help me firm this up into something that makes a little more sense. Or tell me if it already does (but I don't think so).

3. [personal profile] thefourthvine posted a FABULOUS rant Here. Fanfic lovers, enjoy. ♥

4. Speaking of fanfic...I have so many ideas, but so little motivation. I have chapters in my head for my next-gen, but the first sixteen need some overhauling before I put any of it down. I've been going round and round with some founders fic in my head, as well as a Rowena Ravenclaw one-shot that's trying to form. On top of all that, I've been reading a little bit of Narnia fanfic, and now have a couple one-shots in my head! I've never written fanfic outside of HP, so if I ever manage to sit down and just write, it should be interesting.

I think part of the whole motivation thing is not really knowing who - beyond myself, anyway - would want to give reading it a go. I mean, why bother penning it out if I'm the only one who cares anymore? *sigh*

But also, part of it is just knowing I have to overhaul what I have before moving on. I could write it down, but I just can't let what's come before sit there and continue eating at my brain - I have to fix it. asdf;lkj

5. I'm having an aversion to cuts, lately. Sorry.

6. I finally - just this morning, actually - found out what "tl;dr" means ("too long; didn't read"). And I have to say, I think sometimes my own entries get like that! *snerk* But oh well. If you regularly make it to the end of my entries, kudos to you. If you don't, well, at least it's still here for my own perusal. :)

7. My books are all due in 3 days. Boo. Now I have to gather them and go back to the library because I'm out of online renewals for all of them. *sad face*

8. That must be all for now. You know me, I'll post again if I feel the need. I hope you all had a good weekend!
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All right, so I have a thing for sparklies when it comes to pictures and text, and as the Sparkle Generator has been mournfully dead for a few months, I've been at a loss for how to show my glee over certain gleeful things.

Then yesterday, I found a post somewhere in my LJ friends page that - GASP - HAD SPARKLY TEXT IN IT!!!


I asked the poster where they found it, and was directed to a lovely directory on [ profile] simcatsubame's journal, and copious amounts of squeeing later, I am thinking of reproducing it here on my own DW.

Part of it is to share the love, yes, but also to have it easily available to myself here on DW.

My question for the lot of you, flist, is whether I should just keep it to myself for now and do a private, my-eyes-only entry, or if any of you would be inclined to make use of such a gorgeous bounty of info.

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Time for a meme, this time from [ profile] superbeffie. Comment if you want to do it and I'll give you five topics I associate you with, and then you post and elaborate on them.

My topics from Beth )

Anyone else want to give me topics to elaborate on? Please? This was fun. XD.
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1. Seriously. I think it's outside, but GOD, I want it to stop. Matt can't hear it. HOW?! Amanda and Mikey and I all hear it. EDIT: IT WAS THE CEILING FAN/LAMP IN THE DINING ROOM. AARRGGHH.

Other Stuff, Cut for Length )

*Yes, I am aware that I have issues. *sighs and rolls eyes at self*
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1. One of my friends on Facebook had this to say:

So... the 'Miss USA' competition is on TV tonight. This is the one that doesn't want to burden it's contestants with a TALENT (remember kids... looks are EVERYTHING!). Given the choice, I'd rather let a buffalo poop in my ear than watch this.


He's so right, and I just felt the need to share because it was amusing. XD.

2. I'm feeling a little better. I'm still congested and have a cough, and I still feel like something's pressing on my chest, but at least it's not as bad as it was. Hubby refused to kill me and put me out of my misery when I begged him to do so on Thursday, so I guess this is OK.

I still hate being sick.

Just sayin'.

3. Downside to living on the third floor with a ten-year-old boy: I've felt every single step he's taken in this apartment since we moved because he WALKS LIKE AN ELEPHANT. *rolls eyes*

Also, he scares the CRAP out of me because he can't stay off that balcony and feels the need to jump on it and lean on the railing and Christ on a pogo stick, he's going to give me a damn heart attack. I'M ONLY 31.

Hope your day was fabulous!! XOXOXO

5. Updated my reading list, as I've now finished both City of Bones and City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare - who, incidentally, has an LJ and has introduced me to some of the most expensive shoes I've ever seen, but MAN, are they awesome! I want so many, it's got to be wrong somehow. Check it out, these shoes are so fun.

6. That's all for now - it's bedtime. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. ;)
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OK, so several people on my friends list have decided to try to read fifty books this year.

I like the idea, but there's no way I'll manage that if I set it as a goal for myself. This being the case, I'm opting to make a list of books - in no particular order - that I am wanting to read, and will cross them off as I do.

I am willing to entertain suggestions, though I reserve the right to not take them. Don't suggest vampire books, please - they are a personal squick as they are damaging to my psyche, most especially when vampirism is glorified and/or regarded as something normal, something cool, something to be desired and/or something of which one shouldn't be afraid.

Stuff I Wanna/Should Read )

Okee, that's what I have so far. :)

Love this.

Jun. 18th, 2008 11:54 am
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"For remember," ... "that it is altogether your world now. You and all the rest. We have delivered you from evil, but the evil that is inside men is at the last a matter for men to control. The responsibility and the hope and the promise are in your hands - - your hands and the hands of the children of all men on this earth. The future cannot blame the present, just as the present cannot blame the past. The hope is always here, always alive, but only your fierce caring can fan it into a fire to warm the world." ...

"For Drake is no longer in his hammock, children, nor is Arthur somewhere sleeping, and you may not lie idly expecting the second coming of anybody now, because the world is yours and it is up to you. Now especially since man has the strength to destroy this world, it is the responsibility of man to keep it alive, in all its beauty and marvellous joy."

... "And the world will still be imperfect, because men are imperfect. Good men will still be killed by bad, or sometimes other good men, and there will still be pain and disease and famine, anger and hate. But if you work and care and are watchful, as we have tried to be for you, then in the long run the worse will never, ever triumph over the better."
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Saw Prince Caspian again last night. Hubby wanted to go to a movie, and Mikey was so upset at having missed it on Sunday (Matt took him home before it started because he'd puked all over the theatre floor) that we went again.

Not that I'm complaining; I had to see it, hear it. Again.

Can't stop humming the song near the end - have to get my hands on the album - and on the DVD as soon as it comes out. Now the question is: Can I wait that long? *sigh*

Now we're back to the beginning
It's just a feeling and no one knows yet
But just because they can't feel it too
Doesn't mean that you have to forget

Let your memories grow stronger and stronger
Till they're before your eyes
You'll come back when they call you
No need to say goodbye

I'll come back when you call me
No need to say goodbye
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Haven't got a lot of time, but wanted to get this down before I forgot.

Weekend was all right - I've definitely had better, but it wasn't completely without redemption.

Weekend Happenings )
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I got my second issue of my Angels magazine today.

And I read it through, cover to cover. I've been reading it for months, every time we go to Mikey's grandparents' house; so Bunny (Mikey's grandmother) gave me my own subscription for Christmas.

It's always so incredible, the things that prayer can accomplish. You'd think I'd do it more often myself, but it's a very...difficult, I suppose...thing for me to do. Nevertheless, it continually floors me, what faith and hope and love can do. I can only hope that someday I can draw from that well as easily as others can. In the meantime, all I can do is live the best I know how: find the good and the beauty in life and in others, and remind myself often that God has a purpose for me, a plan, whether or not I know what it is.

So I've been a bit contemplative this evening, searching out various things online that fit my mood. And I was on Checkmated, and rummaging through my stories I've marked as favorites, and came across one called "In the Twinkling of an Eye." (Link here: )

It's so beautifully written, and the scripture at the end ties the whole thing together. Read it, if you like - and tell me your thoughts.

Or don't. Some things call to me more deeply, more elementally, than they do to others. Either way, it's a good story. ;)


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