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Lately in our household, we've been considering - very seriously - the idea of joining the YMCA. And too, actually going there a few times a week to walk, use the weights, swim, whatever.

This is insane.

I hate exercise with the burning passion of a billion effulgent suns. Every single fiber of my being is screaming bloody murder at the top of its (huh, that feels like the wrong identifier) lungs. Motherfucker, I just want to lie down and READ. I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in getting up and moving.

But somehow, this errant common sense and completely ridiculous and misplaced desire to "get in better shape" (you know, besides round) is winning out, and I am conflicted HATE it. And even being absolutely livid about it isn't stopping me from probably doing it.

I can only assume this means that I have officially gained "adult" status and really am as old as Boychild believes I am. Otherwise, there is something very wrong with me AND I WANT IT TO STOP NOW, PLSKTHX.

I never, ever thought I'd say this, but getting older sucks.

Or maybe it's not the getting older part, but the realizing it that sucks. I am not amused.

Work Woes.

Jun. 20th, 2012 04:32 pm
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I hate my job.

Stop, rephrase. I hate what my job has become.

It's been a while since I bitched about work, so I might as well dive back in while my frustration is raging, right?

Everything has been fucked up and busy as hell since, oh, the last time I posted about work. Which was, admittedly, last year. Nothing got any better, and then someone decided to merge the professional billing with the hospital billing WITH ONLY THREE MONTHS WORTH OF PLANNING.

Which, of course, fucked everything into a billion more pieces than it already was, so you can imagine the headaches in this place.

My dipshit coworker finally retired at the end of April, but did literally NO* work the whole last week, and of course the only other person who knew how to do it was me.

Then they moved cash application down to yet another new manager and supervisor, and these ones, we've discovered, are micro-managers. We've been on our own for the better part of eight years, and suddenly we're under what feels like a microscope.

"You should only be taking two minutes in the bathroom."

"You need to fill out this stat sheet every single day."

"You need to log how many phone calls you get and how long each one takes."

And a bunch of other piddly things that while they do add up, it takes me fifteen to thirty minutes just to do the motherfucking recording of all this shit, and then they ask, "What took you this half hour?" and "You were gone from your desk for four minutes, what were you doing?" Well Jesus Christ on motherfucking stilts, calculating all that shit took half an hour alone! And I was in the bathroom for four minutes; if you can do it in two, then don't touch me or anything on my desk because you aren't cleaning yourself or your hands properly. Two minutes. It takes thirty seconds to walk there and another thirty to walk back, I cannot pee that fast, SUE ME. Fuckers.

I've been trying to train people and so I'm pulled away from my desk just as much as before, yet they're unable to see that it cuts into the time I should be able to use for actually posting the damn cash. It's like I'm back to the first couple years with my first supervisor here, and I am just about ready to tell them to fuck themselves running. Like, literally - just leave all of this stuff to them. They have NO idea what's untouched yet, because I can't get past this other shit Asshole McBastardPants left. It's a vicious cycle and there's just no end in sight.

I have been trying to be open minded about things because I know I resist change like nobody's business (Look, I just think you should make it perfectly clear - preferably with examples/proof - that the changes will make things better and smoother and not be a pain in everyone's collective damn ass, okay?), but I've given it over a month now and it should have gotten better but hasn't.

Impatient? Me? Damn skippy.


*No, seriously, he did NOTHING the whole last week. He ignored everything that came up that was his, walked around and chatted with people, made appointments to talk to people in HR and was basically everywhere but his desk. When his ass actually managed to find his desk chair, he only took small piles of work THAT HE'D ALREADY DONE and pretended to look them up so it looked like he was working. I WATCHED HIM DO THIS. It wasn't surprising, really, but at the same time, just-. WTF.
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Dear Bicyclists,

In this state, you are a vehicle just like any other and do not have right of way or special privileges just by virtue of being a bike. Asking if we want to suck your penis does not change the fact that you are required to follow the laws.

All the Animosity In the World,

As a side note: Man, am I glad it's Friday.
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So, first things first:

I wish all the best for each of you this year!

And now with that said, as far as I'm concerned, 2011 can JUST GO FUCK ITSELF.

Some of you already know about my year so far, but most of you don't, so here, quick recap:

New Year's Eve was rung in with me in bed with a moaning and groaning, tummy-achy Boychild. He was puking and couldn't do a number 2, and didn't want anything touching his belly. We thought it was very similar to his stomach flu last April, and called the nurse line on Saturday morning (New Year's Day) to get an opinion. They told us to go to the Children's hospital to the ER because it might be appendicitis.

Sure enough, Boychild had his appendix out that evening - and apparently, so did my aunt. How weird is that?!

Anyway, we spent that night in the hospital, went home the next day. Kept him home Monday, and Tuesday, and were back in the ER Tuesday night because he was having pain that wasn't getting better. After six hours or so, some pee in a cup, some Xrays and a few CAT scans, everything was normal and we went back home. Stayed home with him again Wednesday.

Over those few days, a nasty cold was developing for me, and while we sent Boychild back to school on Thursday, I stayed home because I was feverish and lightheaded from all the coughing. Managed two hours of work on Friday before being ordered home by the manager.

Felt better Saturday. Had some fabulously authentic El Salvador cuisine for lunch, enjoyed some time bumming around a bit. Got the ingredients I was missing for making chorag (Armenian tea bread) - which turned out gorgeously for a first attempt on Sunday, thankyouverymuch - and just generally had a really nice day on Saturday till 7:30 PM, when MY WALLET WAS STOLEN.

We actually don't know if it fell out of my coat pocket and someone found it or if it was actually grabbed from my pocket, but-.

They cleaned out our bank account over the course of Saturday evening and Sunday (yesterday). Apparently, I didn't really think people could be so carelessly indecent, which is why I'm so, so upset over this.

Canceled the check card Sunday morning and filed a police report, went through the motions.

So anyway, went to the bank this morning right when it opened, and they've been very good to us. Started the process, reversed all the charges and resulting overdraft fees; they'll also keep an eye on still-pending transactions for us, and the girl gave us her card and told us to also keep our eyes on it and let her know anything that seems off.

In the Small Favors department, my Social Security card was NOT in there, and we didn't have credit cards in there. Some debit cards, but they all require a PIN to be used, and the PIN isn't written anywhere. Canceled them anyway to be sure, but am reasonably certain they'd be useless.

Have to go get a new ID this coming weekend, and still call the library, among other places.

Our Relative Custody Assistance check was in my wallet, too, so hopefully the idiots didn't try cashing it; we'll have to get it reissued. And of course, the one person I need to talk to about it hasn't bothered to return my call yet.

My head wants to explode. And dammit, I LIKED that wallet.

I've said it once and I will say it again: PEOPLE are my pet peeve.

It's been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad YEAR. I think I'll move to Australia.
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I know I haven't posted in weeks, and I'm sorry that this one is going to be bitchy. I promise to come back on the weekend and post some pictures and general life stuff.

Brain vomit have been warned. )

Sigh. I could use some hugs and a couple days on the sofa with some movies and girlfriends. It's OK to bitch about not having that available to me, right? :(
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My heart. It is shriveling. It will be three sizes too small soon; this woman is killing my soul. I want so, so badly to walk out. I can't, because I have nothing else to which I may go, and a family to support.

Monday, please hurry, and please bring the customer service job posting with you. Customer service supervisor, I love you - please pick me. And quickly. My brain and heart might give up otherwise. They almost don't give a shit. Seriously. Hurry.

Wow, only 7 days to go till this is done:

Day 23 – Something That Makes You Feel Better )

The 30-Day Meme List )

And I forgot my cotton swabs today. Boo, my ears hurt.
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So OMGWTF are people smoking?! Like, seriously. I get in this morning and the first thing that happens? My mentally-disabled coworker apparently threw me under the bus in her "meeting" on the sixth by saying that I NEVER HELP HER OR EXPLAIN THINGS OR ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS FOR HER.

I wasn't angry, I'm still not, just mostly baffled! I know that she was lashing out, because she's afraid and doesn't really understand anything that's going on, and because it's a defense mechanism. But at the same time, JESUS, I hope when she was spouting those lies that the people hearing them were considering the source!

Already people who've heard about it are jumping to my defense, and angry on my behalf because I wasn't even here last week to defend myself. And there's been serious mishandling by the manager so far anyway, according to several people. I'm just - GAH. I need a different workplace, and I need it, like, yesterday.

I may start looking on other hospitals' websites for job postings, I don't know. There's certainly nothing in my own hospital, nor would I ever want to have to deal with this manager again. I'm so...fuck, I don't even know what I'm feeling right now. It's not anger, it's not hate, it's not's like a mixture of the three, but not even simmering. I'm...I am weary. I'm only 32 years old. I shouldn't be feeling like it's time to retire...and I just got back from vacation, for shit's sake.
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I am so, so cranky.

My mouth hurts, but it's an abstract kind of pain. My gums hurt, of course, but the entire area is having phantom pains from that damn wedge thing, and it's making me all weepy. I was supposed to have another tooth filled yesterday, but the dentist decided I'd had enough for the day, and I didn't argue. I can't even-. *waves hand vaguely*

I get like this after trauma. Sorry.

I want to take half a Vicodin, but 1) I'm at work now and it's supposed to make you drowsy - and with the way a single dose of Benadryl knocks me out, any kind of drowsy is not a good idea at work - and 2) I want to buy a pill cutter so I CAN take only half. Pill cutter will have to wait till after work, sadly.

I haven't actually cried today, but I feel like anything could set me off. Already came close when Problem Child had himself another ridiculous rant. *rolls eyes at self* Maybe I should've stayed home today. *if only, if only*

In other news, Mikey informed us yesterday that the best part about summer school is that since he leaves at 12:30 each day, he and the other kids who leave then get to go straight to the front of the lunch line. That's my kid, food-driven. Hee!

We also decided to institute a new video game rule. He loves them, but we think he plays far too much. So we told him that starting today, he has to earn his video game time by reading. The look on his face was PRICELESS. He HATES reading, but we made it clear that how often he plays video games is up to him. He can play for two hours if he wants, but he must read for two hours first - and he needs to be able to tell us what happened in the book. He already started reading this morning on the way to school. We arrived there to drop him off, turned around to look at him, and he was putting in a bookmark, looking at the clock on the dashboard and saying, "Huh, fourteen minutes. Not bad!" So YAY, he's taking it to heart. So far, anyway. ;)
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You were in my dream last night, [ profile] herminia, or peripherally, anyway. Set mostly in my old garage, something about laptops and the onset of evacuation due to oncoming summer fires, angsty and tense and just...weird.

My grandma was in it, too, taking a corporeal form that only I could see, and angry with/yelling at me because she thought I was being irreverent about her sister, who in the dream was in the hospital and dying.

WTF, brain?

... I suppose I should be thankful that it was a vague dream, for once; generally they're ridiculously detailed and no one detail meshes coherently with any other detail. *rolls eyes*

Easter dinner last night was AWESOME. The ham came out beautifully, and the au gratin potatoes were creamy and smooth. And my green beans? KICK ASS. Best green beans I have ever had, I am totally doing that again.

Yummy and Simple Green Bean Recipe )

Sandwiches/leftovers for dinner tonight, and I'm SO making egg salad, too. Note to self: Ask Mom what she put in the deviled eggs she made yesterday, because even kiddo liked them!

Back to school for kiddo today, and he went cheerfully enough. He goes to the dentist tomorrow for a new impression to be taken for a new retainer. It will cost us significantly less than we thought it would; we were expecting anywhere between $700 and $1500 - turns out it'll only be $250. Which is still a lot, yes, but shockingly more reasonable than we thought, and easier on his grandparents, who insist on paying it, since it was their dog who chewed the first one to bits.

Got to work this morning, and discovered that some bastard took it upon himself to finally replace all the burnt out light bulbs over my desk. The light - it burns! Jesus, I preferred sitting in the dark, even told them each time they took a look that I liked it a little darker back here. So now I'm going to whine about it for a while before I get over it. [/cranky]

And finally, finally - I feel better. I still have a minor cough, but no stomachache at ALL. I can eat, I can sit, I can stand, I can WORK. Definitely a lovely thing.

Did you all have a good Easter?
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I'm siiiiiiiiiiiiiccckkkkkk.

And I don't like it. I'm so pissy about it, because I managed to stay healthy ALL. WINTER., then early spring comes around and RUINS EVERYTHING.

Left work after two hours on Monday with a fever, which was gone by bedtime. Felt like crap till around one-thirty-ish yesterday, after which I felt better.

Knew I'd feel raw this morning, but figured it would go away.

NOT GOING AWAY, PEOPLE. Every time I cough, it's not that awful unstoppable coughing, but it feels like hot knives are ripping up the inside of my throat. And it's making the headache flare out with each dry hack, then the headache recedes back into the edges of my head. It's there, but lurking.

I will probably head home early again today; my boss already said to stay away from her and to go home if I feel like it.

I did, however, get quite a bit done today so far, so I'm feeling marginally accomplished. Silver lining, yes?

How are all of YOU?


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