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Why is December always such a mad rush to the finish line?! I feel like there are a million and one things to do, and I've got two weeks to do them in; it's mind-boggling.

Good news:

♥ Most of our Christmas shopping is done!

♥ I have not murdered anyone in my office.

♥ I found battery-operated thin-wire LED lights for my tiny Christmas tree on my desk at work, and for 1/2 off! Score!

♥ Boychild has his baritone, and is practicing each night for about twenty minutes.

♥ I do not have to fry what's left of my brain with the storage project at work; one of the supervisors is putting it - with the help of some of her minions - into a more workable section of stuff, and I will only need to spend maybe half a day to a full day filling in the spreadsheet with my stuff when they're finished. Small favors. :)

♥ We are getting snow in amounts that I haven't seen since childhood, and I am LOVING it. People are stupid drivers, yes, but I love the bite in the air and the warmth inside, and how gorgeous everything looks covered in white.

♥ Had a lunch meeting today for the beginnings of an employee resource group centered around deaf and hard-of-hearing topics. I am not deaf, but I want to learn ASL (more than just the fingerspelling I can do and a "thank you" here and there), and too, I'd like to see things in the facility move toward being accessible for both patients and employees who are belong to the various hearing-impaired cultures (yes, plural). I want to be able to help someone when they're obviously lost or confused, and I think that this is as good a place as any to start. We'll have to see what comes of it.

Other news:

► I have not said happy birthday to anyone FOR A VERY LONG TIME, and I am sorry for it. I hope that everyone who's had a birthday in the last several months had a wonderful day!!

► I have discovered that both Boychild and hubby are tone-deaf, or something resembling it, because they each PLAY "Hot Cross Buns" on Boychild's baritone, but what comes out is incorrect notes. And neither of them can hear how wrong it is.

► I spilled cheese soup on my shirt at lunch today - while in a lunch meeting - and won't be able to change for my meeting tonight. And also, my shirt is a bright spring green, which looks good on me but completely clashes - in the most heinous way - with the skirt I shoved in my bag for tonight's meeting. So not only will I look like a hideous color explosion, I will look like a slobby hideous color explosion.

► As if the above clothing fail for today wasn't enough, after my lunch meeting I went down to Storage to discover the aforementioned good news. Upon leaving Storage, I pushed open the door to get out, then promptly bashed my elbow on the push-button. Thought it was just my funny bone, but nooo, I SLICED MY ELBOW OPEN on it. It's not deep or anything, doesn't need stitches, but Jesus Christ on stilts, it's an inch long and stings like a bitch. And it's right on the bendy part!! Walked through the entire hospital with my elbow pressed into a paper towel held in my other hand. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I hope everyone is having a good holiday season so far!
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