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Jeez, louisus, it has been forever. Life happens and goes on and I am exceedingly, deplorably lazy, so I've left journaling by the wayside for a while.

Hoping all is well - if you have a minute, leave me a cliff's notes on how you're doing in the comments? Pretty please?

I aim to start posting again, though we'll see how that goes as I've foolishly signed up for yet another time-drain (Dad's teaching tax classes for H&R Block - good grief).
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1. Dentist appointment went all right yesterday. She tried shooting me up with the Novocaine by herself this time, but apparently, I kept trying to get away from the needle - even with my eyes shut. She ended up giving me more topical numbing stuff and then getting the assistant to come hold my hand and keep me still.

So both fillings are done, which means I'm done now except for regular cleanings, although the dentist did say that my bottom one may end up needing root canal down the road. I'm not too horrified about it; I don't like going to the dentist by any means, but she and her assistant have been so good with me that I'm not panicky about the idea like I might otherwise be.

Since both fillings were in my back right molars, top and bottom, they had to shoot me up with, like, double the Novocaine; something about the bottom ones being deep tissue and they're always harder. So I leave the place and go with hubby to bum around Target till it was time to pick up Boychild from school, and my lips are all dry and icky, right? So I pull out my lip balm and try to put it on. I got the top lip done all right, and half the bottom lip before apparently continuing to draw across the rest of my face. I couldn't feel my lip after about the middle, and of course that whole portion of my face was just as devoid of feeling. I thought hubby was going to wet himself, he was laughing so hard! Which made me laugh, too, and then I promptly forgot how to swallow properly, which was partially because my tongue - also numb - was caught on my teeth on that side and I couldn't tell.

Cue nearly-hysterical laughter in the middle of Target. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Finally regained all feeling about five hours or so later - and had to dig out the leftover Vicodin from July's root canal because WOW, Novocaine makes me sore!

Feeling all right today, but leery about eating anything really solid, still.

2. All managers and supervisors are out today; it's been lovely up here.

3. My mom's dog didn't need surgery after all; the vet said it should be cleared up with the proper medication, so Christmas is saved for them. I feel like a heel for bitching about it yesterday, but JESUS. You know?

4. I have graphics I need to make this evening, among other things - hopefully I'll remember everything!

5. How is everyone doing this week? ♥
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My heart. It is shriveling. It will be three sizes too small soon; this woman is killing my soul. I want so, so badly to walk out. I can't, because I have nothing else to which I may go, and a family to support.

Monday, please hurry, and please bring the customer service job posting with you. Customer service supervisor, I love you - please pick me. And quickly. My brain and heart might give up otherwise. They almost don't give a shit. Seriously. Hurry.

Wow, only 7 days to go till this is done:

Day 23 – Something That Makes You Feel Better )

The 30-Day Meme List )

And I forgot my cotton swabs today. Boo, my ears hurt.
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1. We had such a lovely time at the casino. The food was delicious, the room was excellent, and the casino itself was pretty fun. We didn't win big, but neither did we expect to do so, which made it all the nicer. The only thing I disliked was the smoke, and that wore off quick enough after we left as Saturday progressed. We may do it again next year.

2. So apparently, last Friday, four people in IT walked off the job. I'm telling you, it's not just me who gets boned by this place on a daily basis. One of them was the guy who helped us best, so we're feeling the loss already. No one's quite sure what went down, but it wasn't pretty, and the resulting chaos is going to be a nightmare.

3. I'm forgetting a boatload of things, but am failing at remembering today, so here, have three days' worth of meme:

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I would forget my bleeding head if it wasn't attached.

I wanted to also say that I have been absolutely terrible about commenting lately, but I am reading, I promise. ;)


May. 17th, 2010 12:13 pm
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I have birthday wishes to share!

[ profile] herminia has a birthday TODAY:

Happy Birthday, Sarah!!

And I'm bad - [ profile] zagury, I missed yours, so:

Happy Belated Birthday, Katy!!
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Dear Dad,

I am your oldest and sanest child. I should not have to find out from one of the most unstable ones that you have had chest pains for three days and have been at the hospital since 2:30 this afternoon, after you finally called the nurse line...and that after she beat around the bush about being worried and forced me to roll my eyes and ask flat-out if she was planning to spill it or just be all vague about it.

I am aware that I am an adult and no longer really get to qualify as Daddy's Little Girl, but I do still expect you to instruct SOMEONE to call me, if you're unable to just do it your bloody self. I'm the one who will have to clean up the aftermath should Bad Things Happen, so I'm pretty sure I'm entitled to a call from you or someone else under your direction.

And dammit, you should have called me two days ago, when said chest pains had been present for 24 hours. I am Not Amused.

I expect a phone call tomorrow after your nuclear stress test to let me know how it went. I expect another phone call when you get the results from that test. And I expect phone calls for any subsequent tests and results. I know we live only a couple miles apart, and that I'm really not a Chat-on-the-Phone Kind of Girl, but there are reasons for having a phone in the first place. This would be one of them. Put your Dad suit on and CALL ME.

I am Irritated With You.

But I Still Love You, You Bonehead,

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Mary's birthday was January 28, and she never bothered to acknowledge the birthday wishes I sent, either via email or FB. Although on FB, it wasn't just me who got ignored, she simply didn't page back. I finally deleted her from my Yahoo chat the other day. I'm deleting her from my MSN chat tonight when I get home, and I am gearing myself up to delete her from my FB - she so obviously doesn't wish to acknowledge me.

I don't know why I'm so offended by her desertion - I should be bloody used to it, it happens with nearly everybody in my life at some point.

It's harder to let her go, I guess, because I don't believe she intended for it to be like this. I think that thinking about it makes her sad and ashamed and depressed that she dropped me like that, and just makes it that much harder for her to actually talk to me. But when it comes right down to it, she did it, and I can only take so much. You know?

If I was important to her, she should have fought harder. She should have loved me.
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OK, a few quick things. First of all, I missed a couple birthdays.

♫ December 15 - Katy
♫ December 28 - Beth

I hope you both had wonderful days, and congratulations on making it another year!

Next, I hope each and every one of you, flist, had a fabulous holiday, whatever it is you celebrate. Merry, merry Christmas, everyone.

And lastly, I wish only the best for each of you in the coming year. You are all important to me, even if we don't always speak to each other much, and I hope all good things come to you all.


We must face tomorrow, whatever it may bring, with determination, joy and bravery. MR. MAGORIUM, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium.

Be brave, friends, be determined. And be joyful.


Nov. 4th, 2009 12:32 pm
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So for whatever reason, LJ is NOT BLOCKED today here at work. I was so excited to see this, I've been checking it periodically all day. But BOO, there's not much happening! I hope, of course, this means that everyone is busy, but happy.

Busy myself here, but taking a few minutes just to post without having to do it via crossposting on Dreamwidth. *hee*

Got a busy evening ahead of me, too; minutes to type up for tomorrow's chapter meeting, a graphic to make for the contest, and whatever else my brain remembers, of course. We all know I forget crap on a regular basis. XD.
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Mmm, just a basic update, but I'll cut for length. ;)

Click to read about Life, the Universe and Everything. )

I think that's the majority of it for now...I may have more to say later. *lol*

The very existence of flamethrowers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, "You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done." GEORGE CARLIN.
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1. I am LOVING autumn so far. I love the cooler weather, the turning leaves, the warm colors and the fabulous smells.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I had to show her off, she's so beautiful. Made for me on request by [ profile] xsprite at [ profile] nightbreeze_gfx. I may ask her to make me a few more for the other seasons!

Anyway, HAPPY AUTUMN to my co-Northern-Hemisphere peeps! (I don't think I HAVE any Southern Hemisphere peeps, but I figured I better differentiate, just in case.) *hee*

2. Mikey's doing so well in school this year! No behavior issues so far, AND he's keeping a B+ average. Way cool.

3. Just renewed both Oblivion and The Stillest Day (Josephine Hart) at the library; OT takes away a lot of good reading time, unfortunately. I also put holds on five other books. They are A Game of Thrones (George R.R. Martin), The Stolen Child (Keith Donohue), Letter to a Christian Nation (Sam Harris), The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) and A Wrinkle In Time (Madeleine L'Engle).

4. While typing this, Mikey JUST broke his glasses. He needs new ones anyway, but DAMMIT, THAT WAS HIS ONLY. PAIR. GOD, I don't get this kid sometimes. I was NEVER like this. What am I doing wrong? Why doesn't he listen and be careful? Rhetorical questions, no need to answer them. I know I wasn't any shade of "normal" as a kid. It's just so frustrating. I'm just shaking with anger, I can't even talk to him right now. God, I'm a horrible mom.

Matt's got to make a special trip now to go get some super glue, because tape isn't working. Jesus, he broke them right in the middle, like Harry's glasses in PS.

5. I think I have a temper problem. I've noticed it gets worse as I get older. I just want people to fucking listen to me and do what I damn well tell them to do. The first time, and immediately. I understand if they're in the middle of something, but for the love of God, if I tell you to be careful and not to do something, then acknowledge that you understood me, and prove it - BE CAREFUL AND DON'T DO THAT THING! HOW FUCKING DIFFICULT IS IT?

Sorry. [/TANTRUM].

6. Going to the 3D "Toy Story" double feature this coming Saturday. :) Can't wait.

7. Uhh... That must be it. I forget so many things recently. *sigh* How's everything with the rest of you, especially those I don't talk with too often?


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