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Halfway through, and look! I'm even keeping up with it! ;)

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OH MY GOD, I had the weirdest fucking dream EVER.

I dream the most messed-up shit. )

Seriously, brain. What the fuck?!
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You were in my dream last night, [ profile] herminia, or peripherally, anyway. Set mostly in my old garage, something about laptops and the onset of evacuation due to oncoming summer fires, angsty and tense and just...weird.

My grandma was in it, too, taking a corporeal form that only I could see, and angry with/yelling at me because she thought I was being irreverent about her sister, who in the dream was in the hospital and dying.

WTF, brain?

... I suppose I should be thankful that it was a vague dream, for once; generally they're ridiculously detailed and no one detail meshes coherently with any other detail. *rolls eyes*

Easter dinner last night was AWESOME. The ham came out beautifully, and the au gratin potatoes were creamy and smooth. And my green beans? KICK ASS. Best green beans I have ever had, I am totally doing that again.

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Sandwiches/leftovers for dinner tonight, and I'm SO making egg salad, too. Note to self: Ask Mom what she put in the deviled eggs she made yesterday, because even kiddo liked them!

Back to school for kiddo today, and he went cheerfully enough. He goes to the dentist tomorrow for a new impression to be taken for a new retainer. It will cost us significantly less than we thought it would; we were expecting anywhere between $700 and $1500 - turns out it'll only be $250. Which is still a lot, yes, but shockingly more reasonable than we thought, and easier on his grandparents, who insist on paying it, since it was their dog who chewed the first one to bits.

Got to work this morning, and discovered that some bastard took it upon himself to finally replace all the burnt out light bulbs over my desk. The light - it burns! Jesus, I preferred sitting in the dark, even told them each time they took a look that I liked it a little darker back here. So now I'm going to whine about it for a while before I get over it. [/cranky]

And finally, finally - I feel better. I still have a minor cough, but no stomachache at ALL. I can eat, I can sit, I can stand, I can WORK. Definitely a lovely thing.

Did you all have a good Easter?
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In an effort to make [ profile] herminia feel better about her own crazy dreams, I thought I would post a few of my own.

My dreams are ridiculously complicated and long....and give people headaches when I try to explain. They could mean any number of things - but hubby and I are pretty sure that they're simply an outlet; I don't have room in real life to be anything other than completely sane. So my dreams are the one place where I don't have to fix everything.

They don't come often, but when they do, whooo, are they doozies! I try to write them down when I remember them, and they're ridiculously detailed.

The one I'm relating today is one I dreamed a couple years ago, and it involved so many different, unconnected things, it was mad.

Crazy Dream. )

I swear on your closest family member's grave, I am not now - nor have I ever been - on drugs.

Hey, all.

Jan. 29th, 2009 11:28 pm
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1. Sarah's been dropping not-so-subtle hints for me to watch The Office for the last, what, year? Two? How long have I known you, Sarah? Anyway, I still haven't managed to watch it. Clips here and there, and pictures all over the place. And then, last night, we watched a completely ridiculous Will Ferrell movie called "Blades of Glory." And Jenna Fischer was in it, and why did I never really look closely at this woman? She's so beautiful! Look at her!



2. Work is...ridiculous. It's month end. My desk looks like somebody threw a truckload of paper bombs at it. I already mentioned this to Beth, but I've got a folder full of stuff labeled "Miscellaneous Stuff I Receive That I Should Probably Be Doing Something With, But As I Don't Quite Know What That Is, I'll Keep Sticking It In Here Until I Do." Seriously. I took a picture today just so I could show you, but then forgot to load it off the camera, so it'll have to wait because it's just not on my list of priorities right now. Sorry.

3. My calculator - you know, my pretty, printing, amazing calculator that I use at work? It's been buried for two weeks. I've been doing all my figuring longhand because moving everything on top of it is too much to contemplate right at the moment. I realized today how much I miss it. And don't tell me to use a handheld calculator. I can't use those properly, the figure never comes out right for me because they do calculations just a little differently. And I have enough to do without having to reestablish muscle memory just so I can use a damn handheld.

4. Chuck. He's made of win. Nothing makes my heart soar more than when he comes to find me in search of work to do. Especially when he takes the reject reports, which he regards with near abject terror. He LOATHES them and they are always the very last thing he'll take from me. He will completely deplete my keying pile and wring out every last drop before he'll consider taking a reject report. He took half the pile yesterday, which gave me that lovely, giddy feeling because I was backed up into mid-December with them.

5. Michelle gets some major props, too. She's a bit of a problem child in that she's not very good. At anything. But she's been keeping up with her stuff, and has been running out. Because of that, I had to find something I could trust her with so she'd have something to do. And as a result, the majority of my filing is now done. SO. AWESOME. Yes, OK, I get a thrill from people willingly taking on tasks I can't get around to myself. Sue me.

6. Mikey's been pretty good lately, so things are OK there. We're making him read about fifteen minutes to half an hour each night recently. Awesome for me because it means that much more time with no screen on.

7. I still have to go apartment hunting. Suckish.

8. I have been having BATSHIT CRAZY dreams lately. Classic, completely MESSED. UP. Kim-dreams. It's got to be my brain letting go, since it can't do so in real life, during waking hours. Right? Either that, or I should really be committed*.

9. Tired now, and I have to pee. If I think of anything more, well, I guess y'all will just have to wait until I manage to get here and post again, not that anyone's exactly waiting at the edge of their seat to hear about my life...or lack, thereof. *snerk*

*Please don't. Commit me, that is. I really, really don't have room in my life right now to be taken away by the nice, young men in their clean, white coats.
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1. A little late, but nonetheless: Welcome to the Presidency, Mr. President! I am looking forward to the next four years!!

2. She's been gone three full days. Sue told me on Friday that she's counting on me to keep the cash app area running smoothly. Me and Chuck. But mostly me, because I'm the one who keeps Chuck from exploding into a billion tiny pieces and quitting when he gets frustrated and upset.

2a. I dreamed Saturday night that Chuck announced he, too, was moving away and therefore leaving me. I was devastated, and I woke up crying. I was going to go in Monday and kick him while informing him, "You CAN'T leave. And stay out of my dreams!" But that might have been more than a little awkward, so I didn't.

3. Sue and I also chatted on Friday about how I don't really want to be a supervisor, but if change is indeed coming and they decide to open up lead worker positions, then I want one of THOSE. Especially as I've been doing the work of a lead for, oh, six years, now.

4. This morning, at nine o'clock, Sue told me she was going to email people to instruct them that ALL payment questions go to me now. Then failed to send ME the email so I could see what it actually said. I cleaned my box out twice this afternoon already. Boy, people don't give a girl a chance to collect herself, do they?

5. I also received an email from the downstairs supervisor. Lucky for me, I'm the only person on the whole entire floor he gets along with easily, so he called me late this afternoon and chatted with me a bit, explaining a few things and offering his help. Thank you, Lord, for small favors.

6. All that said - I REALLY don't want to be a supervisor unless they're offering me the pay raise of the century. In the last three days alone, I've been given about fifty new things to look after, with no relief of my original workload. So, supervisor duties without a raise. Uncool. But hey, at least I get to help head a meeting tomorrow where I get to tell sixteen people who get paid more than I do that they're all doing stuff wrong. Silver lining, right?

7. Dear IT and People Who Give Them Orders:

You know, some of us don't leave our desks at lunchtime because we prefer to keep to ourselves and read or go online or check email, etc. I don't fit in with any of the little cliques around here, nor do I pretend I do. I have a million things to do outside of work, and as I'm unpaid for that precious, pithy little half hour you give me, I think I ought to be able to surf the web while I eat - if I eat - if I so choose.

I still can, of course, but you're making it difficult when you block every fucking site I use. I understand blocking myspace (which I think is ridiculous anyway and I don't use) and I even understand blocking YouTube and Facebook. And while I understand why LiveJournal might be considered similar, I think it was a shit move and you can all just go to fucking hell.

Better yet, how about I leave? I'll plant cameras first, then gleefully watch from home the downfall of an entire hospital organization because you know what? I post the money this institution receives. And now that my boss is gone, I'm the only one who knows how to do all of it.

I hope you all drown in your own pools of diarrhea.

No love - not in any form,

8. Spaghetti dinner went just fine. It was tasty, people ate it, no one keeled over, and some people who knew how stuff in the kitchen worked came early and stayed late to help me. Bless them, Lord, for they know EXACTLY what they do and I am eternally grateful for it.

9. Haven't gone apartment hunting yet. I so need to get on that. Beth, how long was that special on at your new place? Do you know? We need to check them out.

10. Mikey had to "invent" something for an invention fair over Christmas break. He invented this little device you put right over your glasses, then move a little handle back and forth so it wipes your glasses like windshield wipers. (Yes, pictures will be forthcoming.) His teacher could NOT stop fawning over it. She said to Matt at the invention fair the fourth graders had that a lot of the kids had inventions that were really already invented, but Mikey's was so, so cool. I guess she's taken it to other classes, other teachers, she's had him demonstrate it for all his other classes he's in, she's taken it down to the office to show it off - she is SO. PROUD. of it and of him, and it's just really, really nice to see something so positive in the midst of almost constant "I-got-my-name-on-the-board-again." Just had to share.

11. A meme or two will follow this post - stay tuned. :)
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I don't dream often, but when I do, it's usually messed up.

Beth, I dreamed about you last night... )


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