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FB memories today shows me an update I made 02/24/2011:

Puberty discussion w/ Boychild tonight. I said an egg is about the size of a period at the end of a sentence.

Boychild wants perspective: "Yeah, but what font?"

Still one of the damn funniest things he has ever uttered!
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Discovered today that I had a gift card for clothes that I hadn't used yet, so ordered two pair of pants! YAY! I've ordered this pair in black, and this pair in chocolate.

Boychild is 100% back to normal, which is lovely, if tiring.

And the bank was wonderful to us; all fraudulent charges - and the resulting overdraft fees - were reversed, so things are smoothing out a bit. I'll have to shop for a new wallet on Saturday, and get my ID and library cards replaced, but otherwise things are going all right, finally.

Just thought I'd post some good news, for once. ;)


Nov. 22nd, 2010 12:50 pm
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I was going to post pictures this weekend, and I completely forgot. So I will post them tonight or tomorrow night, and for now, just do a basic update.

Life, the Universe and Everything. )

8. Back to the grind today, but it's a quiet day, as Evil Manager is out, so I'm enjoying the quiet. I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!

Got a call.

Jul. 2nd, 2010 04:40 pm
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I did not get the job.


I'm neither surprised nor horribly upset. It was a good phone call. Greg (the only guy on the interviewing panel and one of the assistant nursing managers) said that for never having done a panel interview, I did really well and my skills were really great, and the whole panel was just very, very impressed with the questions I asked at the end. He said that he is absolutely positive that I could do this type of job, but feels that the size of the department and the time frame available before the existing person retires will make the learning curve too steep even for me, because I don't actually have the experience and I'd be the ONLY. ONE. doing the job. He also said that he thinks it's awesome that I took the risk to apply and interview for such an ambitious position, and hopes I'll keep trying.

He was even worried and asked me if I was OK. I was, and told him that I was really glad to hear the feedback, and also pleased to have received a phone call as opposed to one of those "WE REJECT YOU, LOSER" letters. And I really am OK with this. I was very apprehensive about calling him back (the assistant nursing manager) when he left the message on my cell this afternoon, because I was worried that he was going to offer me the job, so I know it's right that I didn't get it.

I called hubby to tell him, and explained that now that I have a proper, impressive resume, and a fresh, recent interview under my belt, I'm more confident about looking outside the place as well as inside. And he was bummed for me, but understands that I'm OK with it. And he even pointed out that now would be a good time to go to Jim, to go to Victoria and say, "Look, things have to change."

And almost as if the fates are finally in accordance for once, Victoria had Jim and I in her office this morning to discuss how things are going with the new director, changes we have to be making and areas where we need to stand up and not be worried about people not liking us because we need to be firm about new rules and regulations that are being put in place. She also said that many of my Mentally Disabled Child's mistakes are finally coming to light and can be used as examples, and HR is wanting to seriously consider moving her to someplace better suited to her skills so we can get someone competent in here. We'll have to see how that goes, but for now, it's a start.

Jim mentioned to me after I told him about not getting the job that he's relieved I'm not leaving him in the lurch now, and that he can start on his "plan B," which involves working toward bumping both my title and my pay. I made sure he understood, too, that I wasn't even concerned about the money portion of it, but about the principle of the thing. It's flat-out WRONG that I should know more, do more and be a lead over four to six people - for over a YEAR now - yet have a lower job class and pay range than three of them.

I don't expect a lot to happen in that area, of course, but it means a lot to me that of his own volition, he's going to work on getting a satisfactory result. I do not feel that I should have to run crying to the union to get something I should have been given to begin with.

And, of course, not getting that job means I can still have my vacation in August. WOOT!!

Anyway, just wanted to update everyone - thanks so much for all the support and thoughts and prayers. It is greatly appreciated and I love you all. ♥♥♥♥♥
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1. [personal profile] thefourthvine linked this amusing article, and then she created this hilarious poll that still has me half giggling, half sad-faced and going, "Clean ALL the things?" Go check it out, then tell me: Do you have What To Do memorized, or are you still scrambling around trying to locate a copy? Or, like me, do you fall somewhere in between these extremes but without said copy?


I got some of the best advice of my life from [personal profile] kate in putting together my resumé on Tuesday evening. We got it completed, and on Wednesday I brought it in to work and had not only two of my references double check it to make sure I didn't lie on it, but also had [ profile] wandaxmaximoff's hubby, Ad, look it over from a hiring manager's standpoint. After a few minor tweaks, I ended up submitting it along with the basic application, and held my breath.

Now, I didn't expect to hear anything at ALL until sometime next week, but lo and behold, I GOT A CALL YESTERDAY AFTERNOON! I listened to the message and cried a little bit while laughing, then had to calm myself down so I could call back and tell them that yes, I'd love to interview.

I did mention that I was pleased, albeit surprised, to hear so soon. The assistant nursing manager who called explained that time is of the essence for them; they want to interview quickly and slide someone in within a couple weeks, because the person who's leaving is leaving at the end of July. They want the new employee to train with the one who's leaving - which is how it should be in any ideal situation. The only thing that kind of worries me is that if I get the job, since I'll be on the job so newly, I may not get my full week of vacation that's coming up in August. Not a huge thing, of course; we can always plan another vacation later. And, too, if they won't let me have a week so soon, it doesn't mean they won't give me, say, Thursday and Friday of that week. There are lots of options.

So, next Thursday at three o'clock I will be having a panel interview for this job. I am excited, and nervous, but not as nervous as I might be if I didn't already have a job. I'm not even going to be too upset if I don't get the job...but oh man, do I ever WANT it.

Those of you who conduct interviews of potential employees, and those of you who've been on several interviews: what tips do you have? I haven't interviewed properly since, like, 2002.

Huge, sparkly thanks to Kate!!

and also

Huge, sparkly thanks to Clare and Ad!!

People were absolutely floored by the resumé I showed them, and I haven't had such a good feeling at work in a very long time. Thanks so much, ladies, from the bottom of my heart. ♥♥♥

3. Went shopping for a baby-shower gift today; it was kind of fun, actually. I got a present that was baby-related, and then a separate, mom-only gift. Should be a fun time tomorrow. XD.
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Chunk: "Have you ever seen them give you a code that isn't in the code list?"
Me: *taking the paper to scan it* "I've seen this code, but can't remember it ever being..." *sniffs paper* "I smell lotion." *sniffs air in general* "Did you put on lotion?"
Chunk: ..."Not since last night."
Me: *dissolves into immediate laughter*
Chunk: *sigh* "That's not what I meant..."
Me: *face now pink, tears of helpless laughter leaking out*
Chunk: *snickering, and grinning* "I use lotion for dry skin. I use something else for THAT."
Me: *tries unsuccessfully to hold in the giggles with hand*
Chunk: *shakes head with a smirk and walks away, then stops* "Do you think someone down there would know the code?"
Me: *still giggling* "Yeah, go ask...oh, just go away."
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I also love James May. I love watching these toy shows he does!

OK, I'll quit spamming you all now.
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Welcome to the world, Kellan Paul!
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1. Day six of the seven-day meme!

For one week, recommend/share:
Day 1: a song
Day 2: a picture
Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
Day 4: a site
Day 5: a youtube clip
Day 6: a quote
Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

Day Six )

2. In other news - got a new-to-us dresser today. Eight drawers, dovetailed and made of solid maple. It was my grandmother's - my aunt needed to get rid of it, and we were in need of one, so she brought it over. There's also a matching headboard and footboard that we'll probably take because we're going to get Mikey a new bed eventually. Sweet.

3. A friend I've been on the prowl for for several years now turned up yesterday! She finally signed up on Facebook, and sent me an add request. And then - praise the Lord - she was home last night AND had MSN Messenger. We chatted for four hours! I've missed her a lot, and it was awesome to finally get hold of her again.

4. The Twins JUST lost the game. WTF is it with my hometown team? Every damn year, they seem to get into the playoffs and then choke. FUCK. *sighs*
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I may be premature, but I have the BEST feeling about this. She is SO EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED, from what I can tell so far. She's been sitting with me for the last hour and a half, and I want to cry, I'm so relieved that someone's finally listening to me, to what I think and what I have to say.

I can honestly say that I've now met a decent Victoria.

I am so disjointed right now, my brain's flying in eighty thousand different directions because there's so much to do, to tell, to show - and she's eager to understand it all.

I'm going to take her on the hike to the cafeteria soon, I just wanted to get this initial SQQQUUUUEEEEEEE out of my system. There might be more later...fair warning.
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1. Dear Fall Allergies:

You're running a few weeks late this year, no? Well, I must say, you fooled me into complacency, thinking maybe I was finally growing back out of you. Which is why, of course, I was so unprepared for today's wild onslaught of sneezing and sniffling and itching eyes and scratchy throatiness. And why, naturally, you are currently kicking my ass.

I've taken a pill now to banish you for a few hours, so be on guard, because I'm going to squash you to the best of my ability. But that said, I could use a little sympathy, here - please tell the headache to cease and desist. I'm going to Sylar my own head off soon otherwise, and that's just a bad point to have to reach. You want me to live another day so you can torture me, I want to live another day to attempt to squash you. Win-win, see? So for real - help a girl out.

Your Host Body,

2. My potato-chip cookies were a hit at the picnic. I have to bring the recipe to the next meeting for several people.

3. One of my favorite ladies from Chapter, Carol - she lost her husband at the end of May this year. Things had been getting a little easier for her recently, until just this last Thursday. Some assholes broke into her house IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Destroyed one of the panels of her front door, then instead of reaching through to unlock it, they went around to the backyard and destroyed her sliding glass doors to get in. They ransacked her bedroom and office, and stole every piece of jewelry she owned, her laptop and a few other things.

She'd just taken off her wedding ring last weekend; now it's gone, along with John's ring and a few other pieces John had given her. The jeweler has pictures of the rings and one of the other pieces, but-. If you pray, if you send good wishes and thoughts, please do it for her. It's been a rough year for her, and I love her.

4. Phineas & Ferb FTW. Doofenshmirtz Evil, Incorporated!

Hey, all.

Jan. 29th, 2009 11:28 pm
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1. Sarah's been dropping not-so-subtle hints for me to watch The Office for the last, what, year? Two? How long have I known you, Sarah? Anyway, I still haven't managed to watch it. Clips here and there, and pictures all over the place. And then, last night, we watched a completely ridiculous Will Ferrell movie called "Blades of Glory." And Jenna Fischer was in it, and why did I never really look closely at this woman? She's so beautiful! Look at her!



2. Work is...ridiculous. It's month end. My desk looks like somebody threw a truckload of paper bombs at it. I already mentioned this to Beth, but I've got a folder full of stuff labeled "Miscellaneous Stuff I Receive That I Should Probably Be Doing Something With, But As I Don't Quite Know What That Is, I'll Keep Sticking It In Here Until I Do." Seriously. I took a picture today just so I could show you, but then forgot to load it off the camera, so it'll have to wait because it's just not on my list of priorities right now. Sorry.

3. My calculator - you know, my pretty, printing, amazing calculator that I use at work? It's been buried for two weeks. I've been doing all my figuring longhand because moving everything on top of it is too much to contemplate right at the moment. I realized today how much I miss it. And don't tell me to use a handheld calculator. I can't use those properly, the figure never comes out right for me because they do calculations just a little differently. And I have enough to do without having to reestablish muscle memory just so I can use a damn handheld.

4. Chuck. He's made of win. Nothing makes my heart soar more than when he comes to find me in search of work to do. Especially when he takes the reject reports, which he regards with near abject terror. He LOATHES them and they are always the very last thing he'll take from me. He will completely deplete my keying pile and wring out every last drop before he'll consider taking a reject report. He took half the pile yesterday, which gave me that lovely, giddy feeling because I was backed up into mid-December with them.

5. Michelle gets some major props, too. She's a bit of a problem child in that she's not very good. At anything. But she's been keeping up with her stuff, and has been running out. Because of that, I had to find something I could trust her with so she'd have something to do. And as a result, the majority of my filing is now done. SO. AWESOME. Yes, OK, I get a thrill from people willingly taking on tasks I can't get around to myself. Sue me.

6. Mikey's been pretty good lately, so things are OK there. We're making him read about fifteen minutes to half an hour each night recently. Awesome for me because it means that much more time with no screen on.

7. I still have to go apartment hunting. Suckish.

8. I have been having BATSHIT CRAZY dreams lately. Classic, completely MESSED. UP. Kim-dreams. It's got to be my brain letting go, since it can't do so in real life, during waking hours. Right? Either that, or I should really be committed*.

9. Tired now, and I have to pee. If I think of anything more, well, I guess y'all will just have to wait until I manage to get here and post again, not that anyone's exactly waiting at the edge of their seat to hear about my life...or lack, thereof. *snerk*

*Please don't. Commit me, that is. I really, really don't have room in my life right now to be taken away by the nice, young men in their clean, white coats.
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*flails with happiness*

I'd just like to take a moment to highlight the awesomeness of two of my immediate coworkers. Normally I'm complaining about work and several people here, but these two just made my entire month.

I was behind in my pile of "stuff-I-can't-trust-to-just-anybody-and-generally-have-to-do-myself" by about two weeks, and I couldn't ask for help unless my cash peeps were out of their own stuff.

Well, Chuck and Patti were both out of their own stuff this morning. As the supervisor is out of the office for a while, that means people come to me next when they need something to do. Believe me, I have work for them this time. *flails a little more*

I gave Patti the one-week old stuff, since there's less of it and she's slower, and Chuck the two-week old stuff, since there's a ton of it and he can key circles around me and Patti put together. Soon Michelle will be down here for stuff, and I'll give her the filing that I haven't managed to do for more than a month.

Which will leave me free to finish the few daily things I have, as well as give me the chance to eliminate this pile of reports. I might actually get caught up for the first time in, oh, EVER.

And THEN - when the supervisor is back, I get to bring up my file room issues and have a chat about what we need to do in there...a chat that's LONG overdue. Which means there'll FINALLY be some semblance of order in there when I'm finished. *heart swells with joy*

So the bottom line is, of course, that Chuck and Patti are made of WIN and I am currently having a GREAT day at work. XDXDXDXDXD.


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