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And she's up late again, folks. I'm telling you, I've got to quit this...but in my defense, I was at a Star meeting, and God knows, those can go for ages.

So that said, it's September second!

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Welcome to the world, Kellan Paul!


Feb. 25th, 2009 07:37 pm
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1. An apology to my F-List. )

2. Still gotta go see a few places. Will be checking out Beth's place on Saturday if I can arrange it, and maybe a couple places elsewhere, too. I'll keep you informed.

3. It was nearly forty degrees today. Enough snow was melted that I could see patches of grass in several places. Tomorrow, however, we're supposed to get between five and eight inches more, with winds gusting at up to 30 miles per hour. *rolls eyes* I know I love winter, but even I have my limits. I suppose, though, that March isn't "in like a lion, out like a lamb" for nothing. *sighs and digs out paper for a letter*

"Dear Wisconsin: Eight inches of snow and ridiculous amounts of wind might be coming your way. Just a heads up. Stay warm. Love, Minnesota."

4. One of my sisters keeps turning up the heat in the house. We've been sleeping with the windows open each night because somehow, after we've turned it down, she sneaks around and cranks it back up. I'm trying to decide whether we just keep leaving the windows open in our room each night and put up with it till we move, or if we should get a dummy box so she thinks she's turning it up but really isn't. *rolls eyes again*

5. Tonight and tomorrow we're moving my grandma out of assisted living and into a nursing home. Her memory is at the point where she can't remember where her room is after she eats, and so she just goes into whatever room happens to be at the place where she decides she's walked far enough. She's been discovered in other people's beds, in other people's easy chairs, etc. And she is a lifelong member of the "never wear underwear" club, but has very dry, always itchy skin, so she's been caught - several times - just lifting her dress wherever she is and scratching at her belly. Which, of course, is a couple eyes full and a half. She'll be in the memory ward at the new place, so she won't be able to wander off, and they'll be able to give her the attention she needs there. So while a little sad, she's as amusing as ever. :)

6. Don't you hate it when your fingernail breaks way far down, and part of the skin of your finger rips off with it and it bleeds like a stuck pig? Because I do.

7. You know what? I don't think I have a seven. Sorry. Guess I'll just say I hope you've all had a good day. ;)

EDIT: 8. I lied. There's something else. I wanted to give a warm, if a little belated, welcome to [ profile] superbeffie.
I look forward to getting to know you better, Beth!

9. OK, I'm done for real, now. ;)
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*slaps hand over mouth in an attempt to muffle the hysterical laughter trying to escape*

My current desk is actually two desks sharing a large space. I use one every day, and the other is shared by two women who both work from home and come in one day a week each.

Judy's day is Monday, but she changed it to today this week to accomodate a meeting.

She was just getting ready to go and bent over to pick up her purse, and I saw the tag on her pants sticking up, so I told her to tuck it in. She does so, then goes, "That's not my pants, it's on my underwear!"

So we're laughing and she's working on straightening her pants and shirt, and suddenly, she gasps out, "I put them on inside out!"


Edit to add: Welcome to my LJ, [ profile] chicagal01!!!
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Why does getting ready to go on vacation always seem to drain so much energy?! LOL!

We leave early Friday morning. EARLY - four-thirty, to be exact.

There's not all that much to do, but it feels like there is. I have got list upon list upon list of things I need to remember - things to bring, things to leave, things to turn on, things to turn off, things to find, things to buy...I even have lists of things I need to buy when we get home!!

Do I overthink things way too much?

Yeah, okay, I do. *rolls eyes*

But in all fairness, I think we're more ready this year than we've been any other year. And I'm not too stressed, because I'll bring my laptop, so I'll get to check in with y'all periodically. YAY! XD

ETA: Welcome to my LJ, [ profile] fredchikk! Long time, no see!
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Okay, so this is my very first LJ post.

I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing, but ahh, such is life, hmm?

We'll have to see how this goes; should be rather interesting, if not amusing.


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