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1. Just had a sobbing phone call from my sister; apparently Mom and Dad just left to take the dog to be put down. The medication wasn't helping at all, the dog refuses to eat and the surgery wouldn't be worth it.

I am full of sympathy for my mom and my sister because I know that they really loved Sami. At the same time, I am relieved, both for the dog's sake - she will not be suffering anymore - and for the sake of their household budget, which really cannot withstand a pet's illness.

EDIT: It took me so long to type up this post that the deed is done. Dad just texted me to say Mom's devastated, but that it was her own decision, so while I am so, so sorry she's hurting, I am pleased that she was able to see - and make - the right choice.

2. I wonder how long it will be before Dad gives in and lets Mom get another dog.

3. We went to Boychild's school yesterday after I was done with work. He has decided he wants to be in band, and after several weeks of learning to play the recorder and then trying out different instruments, he has tested very well in low brass, specifically in the baritone. Added to that, he actually really likes the feel of the baritone, both holding it and using the mouthpiece.

Going into this, he thought he'd want to do percussion or trombone, and was leaning toward trombone. He decided, however, that he didn't like the way the trombone rests on the one shoulder, and prefers the baritone.

So at his school last night was the company the school goes through for band instruments, and we were able to rent a baritone. It's actually a really good idea; we paid $65 for a four-month trial period, which includes any necessary maintenance, and after that, it's $42 a month, plus $5.95 if we want the maintenance plan to continue. And every payment - including that original $65 - is applied toward the purchase of the instrument, though we are not at all obligated to purchase it. AND if we want to pay it off early, we get a 20% discount on the remaining balance, and there's no interest at all during the life of the rental period.

The only thing that was kind of a shock was the total price of the instruments - my GOD, have they gone up since I was first in band!! A new baritone retails at around $1595. We could have gone with "like new," but at $1395, we didn't quite see the point - he may as well have a new one.

But price aside, I'm really glad he wants to be in band; I think music is so important, and of course both hubby and I were band geeks ourselves. It's kind of lovely to see the tradition continuing.

4. I kind of want to see if I can find a secondhand flute and maybe take some lessons again. I still have my piccolo, but it needs a complete overhaul...and besides, I should really relearn what I've forgotten on a flute, first.

5. We get to do the bulk of our Christmas shopping this weekend; my stability pay came in yesterday and payday is this Friday, so Saturday will be fun. Now I just need to make a frigging master list so all the info is in one place - HEE!

We have picked up a few things here and there already, of course, but the majority of the fun is yet to come. ;)

6. OHMYGOD. This cocoa is AMAZING. We had a holiday party on Sunday and one of the take-home things were packets of hot cocoa; I got one that's DARK CHOCOLATE, and I just made it, and I think my eyes crossed with unadulterated joy.
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1. Dentist appointment went all right yesterday. She tried shooting me up with the Novocaine by herself this time, but apparently, I kept trying to get away from the needle - even with my eyes shut. She ended up giving me more topical numbing stuff and then getting the assistant to come hold my hand and keep me still.

So both fillings are done, which means I'm done now except for regular cleanings, although the dentist did say that my bottom one may end up needing root canal down the road. I'm not too horrified about it; I don't like going to the dentist by any means, but she and her assistant have been so good with me that I'm not panicky about the idea like I might otherwise be.

Since both fillings were in my back right molars, top and bottom, they had to shoot me up with, like, double the Novocaine; something about the bottom ones being deep tissue and they're always harder. So I leave the place and go with hubby to bum around Target till it was time to pick up Boychild from school, and my lips are all dry and icky, right? So I pull out my lip balm and try to put it on. I got the top lip done all right, and half the bottom lip before apparently continuing to draw across the rest of my face. I couldn't feel my lip after about the middle, and of course that whole portion of my face was just as devoid of feeling. I thought hubby was going to wet himself, he was laughing so hard! Which made me laugh, too, and then I promptly forgot how to swallow properly, which was partially because my tongue - also numb - was caught on my teeth on that side and I couldn't tell.

Cue nearly-hysterical laughter in the middle of Target. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Finally regained all feeling about five hours or so later - and had to dig out the leftover Vicodin from July's root canal because WOW, Novocaine makes me sore!

Feeling all right today, but leery about eating anything really solid, still.

2. All managers and supervisors are out today; it's been lovely up here.

3. My mom's dog didn't need surgery after all; the vet said it should be cleared up with the proper medication, so Christmas is saved for them. I feel like a heel for bitching about it yesterday, but JESUS. You know?

4. I have graphics I need to make this evening, among other things - hopefully I'll remember everything!

5. How is everyone doing this week? ♥
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A few days off, a long weekend, school ended for Boychild, we saw my Baby Sister, we hit up the farmer's market, we went to see the last installment of the Shrek saga, and we planted some green stuff.

Then came the drama. Boychild went into his room to put something away, and called us in. His gargantuan, ancient goldfish has finally - finally - had the sense to swim to that celestial fishbowl in the sky.

This made Boychild nearly hysterical. Too hysterical to repeat most of the prayer I fed him as he knelt over the "burial site" (aka "toilet"); he managed a few words here and there, and the rest of it was, "What she said." Then came some kitchen-chair sitting, head bowed and tears flowing, and the occasional head rested on my hip when I came close enough while clearing up for dinner.

I had no idea he was quite so attached to a twelve-cent, seven-year-old, six-inch goldfish that had a murderous streak when it came to other aquatic beings. Apparently, however, this was an event for which - while aware it was coming - he simply wasn't prepared.

Luckily, he calmed down and giggled when I, being the unsympathetic wretch I am, made a joke about zombie fish biting my ass when I go to the bathroom next. We now have an appointment with the boychild to visit the pet store tomorrow evening and collect more fish.

Although this time, I think we'll skip goldfish - twelve-cent or otherwise - and try something else.
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1. OK, so I haven't collected all the vacation pics yet. BUT - I did find the one of Mikey with the fish he caught. Check him out:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2. Since that's the only one, I'll picspam you with today's fabulosity. I'm so good to you guys. *snorts*

3. Nachos for dinner! They were SO good!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The "Nachos Idea Guy," grinning with his mouth full:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

4. We were in Target and I found a Harry Potter Clue game!!

Yes, of course I bought it!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's a bit more involved than the good, old-fashioned Clue game, but it's still the same basic move-accuse-deduce setup.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You can be Resident Bad-Ass, Neville Longbottom! Win!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Or Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny or Luna. We ended up playing two rounds:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

5. You guys, I got my own fishee!!

Look at him and tell me he's not gorgeous:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He's mostly this deep, rich, cobalt blue:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Had to turn the flash off to get that glory-of-the-sun-in-blue color to show nicely:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But the flash brings out that stunning aqua-green beneath!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

6. And Fishee totally needs a name. I can't keep calling him "Fishee." Any suggestions?I'm thinking along the lines of something Thai or Cambodian; betta fish are native to the rice paddies of these places. I've got several ideas, most of them Thai. Chanarong, which means experienced warrior. Kasem, well being; happiness. Klahan, courageous. Niran, everlasting; eternal. Sunan, which has no meaning. Virote, great; power. Atid, sun. Of those, Chanarong would be closest in description - they're Siamese fighting fish, after all. But I don't really like that name. I couldn't find a Thai name that means "glorious," because MAN, look at that coloring! I want to sink into the brilliance of it.

I found a Vietnamese name, Thanh, meaning bright, clear blue; elegant - do they have rice paddies in Vietnam, do you suppose? It's the same region as Thailand and Cambodia, after all...

And a Cambodian name, Samnang, which means good fortune, which of course has nothing whatsoever to do with fish or fighting or gloriously brilliant, sink-into-me blue.

According to an online translator I found, "glorious" in Thai is: รุ่งโรจน์ , which of course doesn't tell me anything about how you say it. *rolls eyes*

I think I'm leaning mostly toward the Vietnamese name, Thanh, pronounced TAN-yih, because the meaning is closest to what I think of when I look at him. But I also like the Cambodian Samnang, because I could call him Sam for short and I love that.

Decisions, decisions... Thoughts, anyone? Please?

7. We saw bunnies there. I want a bunny so horrifyingly badly, but I can't have them; I'm allergic to them in rotten, unlivable ways. I'm allergic to nearly all the pets we could easily afford and handle, which sucks for Mike because it means he can't have any of them. *shakes fist at the allergy deity*

So suffice it to say I babble at Fishee like it's a bunny or kitty or puppy I can pet and snuggle and love. Yeah, I'm a geek, I know it. *hehe*

8. I keep making these long posts - is that irritating to anybody? Would it be better if I used cuts more often? I wonder, sometimes, if people don't like to see really long entries cluttering up their "friends" pages. Thoughts?

9. I brushed my hair this morning. It hurt. Note to self: next time you bring a brush along on vacation, USE IT.

10. A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. GEORGE MOORE.

11. Hmm, it's apparently ten after three, which means it's not even Sunday anymore, it's Monday. I think I'll head to bed; have a good week, all!!

EDIT: 12. I forgot to tell you! That two-hour power outage last night? Completely fried our already-gasping router. *rolls eyes* But we picked up a new one today for less than half what we planned to spend on it, so that rocks. Yay for unexpected sales and finding the last one in stock!
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[ profile] wandaxmaximoff gave me some topics to elaborate on; I've done so and here they are. ;)

Questions from Clare )

Come on, more! XD.

* OK, I couldn't stand not knowing so I looked it up. George Gershwin composed both, and Ira Gershwin wrote the lyrics for I've Got Rhythm. ;)
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Time for a meme, this time from [ profile] superbeffie. Comment if you want to do it and I'll give you five topics I associate you with, and then you post and elaborate on them.

My topics from Beth )

Anyone else want to give me topics to elaborate on? Please? This was fun. XD.


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