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All right, we'll try this again. Note to self: Copy entire post before hitting the "post" button, just in case the entries page eats the damn thing again.

FLIST! It's been a while! I've been coming and reading entries, and keep telling myself I'm going to post "as soon as I have some time," but that never seems to happen. *rolls eyes at self*

Cut for length. )

I am sure there a million and one more things I could put here, but am drawing a blank. I find myself doing that more and more often...which is kind of sad, considering that two weeks from today, I will only be 34.

If you want an update on anything I haven't rambled about in this post already, please don't hesitate to ask! I want to get back into the habit of posting again, so hopefully it won't be so long a wait. ;)

EDIT: Dreamwidth People: Does anybody know why, when I move the mouse out of the entry box on the create entries beta page, the text in the box leaps upward? I don't mean the words switch places or anything, but the whole text body itself scrolls up each time I move the mouse out of the box, and never just stays where I left the damn cursor. I can even stop typing, move the mouse out, then back in and back out a couple times without typing at all, and it will keep scrolling up a bit with each movement in and out. I'll check the bug list thingy later, of course, but thought I'd pose the question here, just in case anyone has a quick, easy answer. ....I wonder if it does this from home. I'll have to check; at work I'm forced to use IE8, but use firefox at home.
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I am flailing a bit at the thought of typing up All The Words. I haven't posted in ages, it seems - indeed, I am not even certain when my last post WAS. Summer. Probably.

Shall we see if I can sumarize?

1. Boychild started seventh grade and turned 13. Same curriculum, but new school, new approach to classes (he's got eight different ones and has to move between them, whereas in previous years it's been one teacher and mostly the same classroom). There has been much struggling, both for him and for us, and tears on both sides to prove it. Things are smoothing out some now, but it's going to be a work in progress.

A little grainy, as I saved it from hubby's FB with my phone, sorry... )

2. Work is...better. I am still swamped, both overloaded and manager-admitted-underpaid, but-. Changes - big ones - are in the works. I just got my yearly review today, and it was actually really, really good. I was given more info than my other coworkers are being given because the manager is expecting bigger things from me. As a result, I feel very secure in my position, and am aware that doors will be opened in various ways soon, and all I have to do is step through them. I can be open minded, and he is aware that he'll need to give me details in some areas. I'm not feeling the need to seek employment elsewhere, so as far as I'm concerned, things are looking so much better than they were a year ago, even six months ago.

3. Dad had gastric bypass at the beginning of September. He's lost 70 pounds so far, has already lost several clothing sizes, is back into a belt he hasn't been able to use for five years, and is *this far* from being considered "no longer diabetic." This is a HUGE deal, and means that the surgery was really the right thing for him.

4. Sister number three (child number four of the five of us) went through extensive psychiatric testing over the last several months, and the results are in - she will never be able to hold down any kind of meaningful work, or be a functioning member or society. She will probably always live with my parents. While the diagnosis vexes me (I do not pretend to understand how depression or mental illness work), at least now she can apply for disability benefits and possibly bring in *something* to help with my parents' expenses.

5. Sister number two (child three) had her baby girl at the end of August. Eja Alessandra was born 25 August at 12:30 AM EST, 5 pounds, 10.2 ounces and 19 inches long. She was healthy at birth and mom came through it better than her first one. A day later, some kind of enzyme or something stopped working or started working or (Jesus, can we tell I'm not even remotely clued in to illness-related stuff?!) whatever, and baby had a partially collapsed lung, among other things. It was touch and go for a couple days, and then my sister and her hubby moved the baby to a children's hospital, where she immediately began improving. God bless children's hospitals, as well as their incredible staff!! Eja is happy and healthy now, and getting bigger each day.

A few pictures of my pretty niece! )

6. Try not to pass out with this news: I am going to the doctor today. Not for most of the things I should also probably be seen for, but-. Last month, my right elbow started hurting. It only took a day or two for it to shift and spread down the outer part of my forearm and into my outer wrist and the ring and pinky fingers.

It's affecting my work speed; it hurts to add more than a couple pages of figures. Typing too long hurts. Sometimes writing - the act of holding the pen itself - hurts. And lots of other things are affected, too: I can't really open my own soda bottles anymore, or lift a pot of pasta to drain it, etc. I get out of having to help carry in the groceries, but that's not exactly a trade-off I can fully enjoy, as it hurts to do a host of other things I never actually realized used those particular areas.

I had to wait to be seen, unfortunately, but the day is here, so we'll see what's what, hopefully. Everything I've read points me away from carpal tunnel and mostly in the direction of tennis elbow, but again - we'll see what's what.

On the TMI scale... )

7. We had our week at the lake in August, which was lovely, and we just had a long weekend up in Duluth, which for the first time ever was GORGEOUS, weather-wise. I would LOVE to live up there. I never, ever get tired of it, even in the rain and gloom and snow. There weren't many leaves left on the trees, but the ones that were there were that stunning autumn red.

8. I've been writing quite a bit, working on my next-gen HP piece I started years ago. I'm revamping quite a bit and writing new scenes, too, and enjoying every second of it. Speaking of HP, one of these days I should post another of my one-shots.

9. Um. I think that's everything? If you'd like me to expand on anything, please let me know! I am reading entries, but haven't commented in ages; I will work on that, but am making no promises as we head into the ever-busy holiday season. Please know that I read you all and am thinking about you. ♥
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I haven't seen it yet. I want to, but at the same time...I am filled with trepidation.

Harry has been such a huge part of my life. I can't even imagine how dull and dreary my life would have been all these years had I not read these incredible books, met these incredible people and become friends with so many of them. I would certainly be more narrow-minded without this - without this saga, without these friends, both fictional and not.

Still - every commercial, every preview for this last installment makes my heart hang heavy in my chest. A lump forms in my throat and my eyes sting. I'll probably put off seeing it for a little while; I can't force myself into something my heart is currently flailing so hard against.

And too, I don't want to let go of this magic, this world. I have this fear that to do so would drain away the vibrancy of life. Irrational, yes, but-. I'm just...sad.
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Good gravy, this year has seemed like such a whirl of activity. I'm finally, finally feeling like I maybe don't have to be everywhere at every moment, and things have calmed down here and there a bit.

1. Work has been SO MUCH BETTER since we got shifted over to the new manager. She is very, very smart and extremely fast-paced, but it's not overwhelming at all because she listens to us, has made a point to be very open and up-front with us about changes (whether or not they impact us) in the department we're now a part of, and is making another point to learn WHY we do things the way we do.

She's expressed to me that she values me and what I do so highly that, should layoffs come around again and our area is under the microscope, she will fight tooth and nail to keep me. That's a big load off my shoulders, believe me.

The only bad thing, really, is that we still have nine months to go before Mr. Useless retires his ass out of here for good. At this point, it's just about waiting him out, and occasionally bitching out frustrations as needed. *rolls eyes*

2. Boychild "graduated" from sixth grade on June 8, and with the best report card we've seen in a while. Reading every week really paid off for him, much as he hates it, so one of the few rules we placed on him for the summer is that he must read one chapter and summarize it every single day. He just finished The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe yesterday, and is starting Prince Caspian today.

He is trying very, very hard not to admit it, but he really did enjoy the book. ♥

His other rule for the summer is that he must learn to ride the bike his Oma picked up for him. He is twelve, and it is high time. He is fighting it with every breath in him - he has got some kind of mental block about putting his feet on those pedals. We made sure the bike was of a size that the seat could be lowered enough to keep his feet flat on the ground, because that gives a modicum of control to him in terms of not falling over. But while we can get him on it and he can walk himself along and even get up a bit of speed and balance enough to coast ten and fifteen feet, the idea of actually putting his feet on the pedals - even though they can touch the ground any time he wants! - sends him into panic mode. I do not get it. Thoughts? Suggestions?

3. Chapter is Dark! WOOT. This means I have two months ahead of me in which all I have to do is print out labels for a grand officer reception and collect mail. Steph took charge of the newsletter, so now all I have to do with it is check her editing and item placement, and she does all the rest. YAY!

4. I finished my [ profile] hp_porninthesun piece, and am so pleased with it. That's the second fest I've participated in, and it's definitely fun being a writer. I've forgotten - both times - that there is someone else writing something for me, too! I get so excited to see what people think of what I wrote that it doesn't even register that I'll get my own gift. And I love that.

Speaking of writing, I've been wanting to post my fanfic on my journal. BUT-. I don't want to force anyone to read it, so I've been toying with the idea of setting up a filter so people can opt out if they want. Much as I'd love it, not everyone is into Harry, and even those who are seem to have moved beyond it into other fandoms sometimes, so-. You know.

5. I have pictures of my plants! ... On my phone. Once I figure out how to get them OFF my phone, I'll post them. I finally have tiny tomatoes growing! And my green beans are sprouting! YAY!

That's all I can think of for now, especially as it's go-home time. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of posting regularly - I miss it.


Nov. 22nd, 2010 12:50 pm
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I was going to post pictures this weekend, and I completely forgot. So I will post them tonight or tomorrow night, and for now, just do a basic update.

Life, the Universe and Everything. )

8. Back to the grind today, but it's a quiet day, as Evil Manager is out, so I'm enjoying the quiet. I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday!
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Yowser, it's been a busy few weeks. It never seems like it, though, till I get down to the wire (aka Three Days Till We Leave For The Lake). This is when it seems like there are a million and eighteen things to do.

So, like any self-respecting journaler, I am putting it off for a little longer in order to recap here. Duh.

Boychild Went to Camp )

I Finally Pamper Myself )

We Make Cookies )

I Kick Vacation Planning Into High Gear )

I Find My Muse )

Speaking of Reading... )

We Drive A LOT )

I'm straining under the weight of so many things to get done before we leave on Saturday, but I know that once we leave, it's going to be a great week.
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1. So I'm lagging behind again, as per usual, but that makes this no less heartfelt. To all the moms on my flist, whether your children are human or otherwise:

Happy Mother's Day!!

On Saturday afternoon, the boychild decided to get a subtle hint across:

Boychild: "Mommy, you can sleep in as long as you want tomorrow."
Me: "I can? As long as I want?"
Boychild: "Yup." ... "But you should sleep on your BACK."
Me: *trying hard not to snicker and giggle*

Now, I would say that maybe only moms might understand the reasoning behind that suggestion, but my cousin's wife, who is a mom herself, didn't get the implication, so I can't assume everyone reads into it what was so easy to see. It was his way of ensuring that I would be in the proper position for him to set a tray on my lap in the morning, brimming with "breakfast." ROTFL.

I got scrambled eggs with cheese melted on them, pancakes nearly drowning in syrup, bacon too crisp to eat and burnt toast slathered with butter and strawberry jam. Despite some of these unfortunate things, it was still the best breakfast ever. And he was so excited to have done it. ♥♥♥

Hubby made a fabulous roast beef with potatoes, carrots and celery for dinner, and Yorkshire pudding to go with it, and there was ice cream for dessert. We invited my parents and sister over to join us and had a lovely evening.

2. We didn't go to the church yesterday. We'd planned on it, quite forgetting that it was going to be Mother's Day. So we intend to aim for NEXT Sunday. Hubby already has another church picked out to try after that one. He's leaning hard toward a United Church of Christ church, because based on what he's read and his growing-up-experiences, they seem to be most closely aligned with what we both believe.

I have a hard time in the whole church/religion department. Do I believe in God/Jesus? Yes. Do I subscribe to one set of rules for how best to follow Him? Hell, no. I don't always have the greatest amount of faith, I don't habitually - or even easily - pray (though that's a whole other kettle of fish), I don't believe that to be a good Christian, you have to go to church every Sunday. From any church I attend, I expect to be accepted however I choose to arrive, whether I am in formal attire or rags. I expect that my thoughts and opinions are respected, whether or not they are agreed with. I expect that ANYBODY is welcome to join in, regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation or anything else that I'm currently forgetting to include. I expect that questions are accepted and considered thoughtfully, if not encouraged, and I expect that should I choose to regularly continue attending the church, I am not required to TAKE A CLASS.

I know I'm kind of all over the place with this whole discussion, I haven't exactly thought my points through very clearly, so bear with me, here. This whole "You have to take a class before you can be a member of this church" thing...NONONONONO. I want no part of any church that requires me to attend a class in order to be fully welcomed. That's not acceptance, that's not CHRISTIAN. My parents' church made them take a class in order to be members. My dad said it was "to make sure they believed what the church believed." *snorts haughtily* I was so offended on their behalf, because God knows they didn't have the sense to be offended themselves. *rolls eyes* I love my parents, don't get me wrong; I simply despair over their version of "Christian."

So to sum up: If I'm attending a church, they need to accept me no matter how I look or what I believe, as well as any other human being. If they can't or won't, then it's not the church for me.

Reading back over this whole section, DUDE. Help me flesh this out. Ask me questions. Make me think about it. It feels like random points with no concrete frame, no solid foundation. Wait, scratch that last bit - my foundation is simply that we are all human, and all of us are worth the same, regardless of choices we make throughout our lives. But still - point out my wobbles, ask questions, help me firm this up into something that makes a little more sense. Or tell me if it already does (but I don't think so).

3. [personal profile] thefourthvine posted a FABULOUS rant Here. Fanfic lovers, enjoy. ♥

4. Speaking of fanfic...I have so many ideas, but so little motivation. I have chapters in my head for my next-gen, but the first sixteen need some overhauling before I put any of it down. I've been going round and round with some founders fic in my head, as well as a Rowena Ravenclaw one-shot that's trying to form. On top of all that, I've been reading a little bit of Narnia fanfic, and now have a couple one-shots in my head! I've never written fanfic outside of HP, so if I ever manage to sit down and just write, it should be interesting.

I think part of the whole motivation thing is not really knowing who - beyond myself, anyway - would want to give reading it a go. I mean, why bother penning it out if I'm the only one who cares anymore? *sigh*

But also, part of it is just knowing I have to overhaul what I have before moving on. I could write it down, but I just can't let what's come before sit there and continue eating at my brain - I have to fix it. asdf;lkj

5. I'm having an aversion to cuts, lately. Sorry.

6. I finally - just this morning, actually - found out what "tl;dr" means ("too long; didn't read"). And I have to say, I think sometimes my own entries get like that! *snerk* But oh well. If you regularly make it to the end of my entries, kudos to you. If you don't, well, at least it's still here for my own perusal. :)

7. My books are all due in 3 days. Boo. Now I have to gather them and go back to the library because I'm out of online renewals for all of them. *sad face*

8. That must be all for now. You know me, I'll post again if I feel the need. I hope you all had a good weekend!
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1. I've been lax about commenting the last five days or so, but bear with me - I'll get there. It's been a ridiculously busy week so far.

And I'm forgetful on top of it. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's the world's longest car, I swear. It reaches from Beale Street to Washington Square. And once you get in it To go where you're going, You simply get out, 'cause you're there. )

12. OK, I think I'm out of stuff to say for the moment. I think the majority of this needs to go behind a cut, because HELLO, RUN-ON-AT-THE-MOUTH DISEASE. Or I suppose that'd be fingers, since I'm typing, yes? *snerk* Either way...I used Shel Silverstein's poem "Longmobile" as the cut text, in case anyone was wondering.
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1. OK, so I haven't collected all the vacation pics yet. BUT - I did find the one of Mikey with the fish he caught. Check him out:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2. Since that's the only one, I'll picspam you with today's fabulosity. I'm so good to you guys. *snorts*

3. Nachos for dinner! They were SO good!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The "Nachos Idea Guy," grinning with his mouth full:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

4. We were in Target and I found a Harry Potter Clue game!!

Yes, of course I bought it!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's a bit more involved than the good, old-fashioned Clue game, but it's still the same basic move-accuse-deduce setup.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You can be Resident Bad-Ass, Neville Longbottom! Win!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Or Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny or Luna. We ended up playing two rounds:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

5. You guys, I got my own fishee!!

Look at him and tell me he's not gorgeous:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He's mostly this deep, rich, cobalt blue:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Had to turn the flash off to get that glory-of-the-sun-in-blue color to show nicely:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But the flash brings out that stunning aqua-green beneath!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

6. And Fishee totally needs a name. I can't keep calling him "Fishee." Any suggestions?I'm thinking along the lines of something Thai or Cambodian; betta fish are native to the rice paddies of these places. I've got several ideas, most of them Thai. Chanarong, which means experienced warrior. Kasem, well being; happiness. Klahan, courageous. Niran, everlasting; eternal. Sunan, which has no meaning. Virote, great; power. Atid, sun. Of those, Chanarong would be closest in description - they're Siamese fighting fish, after all. But I don't really like that name. I couldn't find a Thai name that means "glorious," because MAN, look at that coloring! I want to sink into the brilliance of it.

I found a Vietnamese name, Thanh, meaning bright, clear blue; elegant - do they have rice paddies in Vietnam, do you suppose? It's the same region as Thailand and Cambodia, after all...

And a Cambodian name, Samnang, which means good fortune, which of course has nothing whatsoever to do with fish or fighting or gloriously brilliant, sink-into-me blue.

According to an online translator I found, "glorious" in Thai is: รุ่งโรจน์ , which of course doesn't tell me anything about how you say it. *rolls eyes*

I think I'm leaning mostly toward the Vietnamese name, Thanh, pronounced TAN-yih, because the meaning is closest to what I think of when I look at him. But I also like the Cambodian Samnang, because I could call him Sam for short and I love that.

Decisions, decisions... Thoughts, anyone? Please?

7. We saw bunnies there. I want a bunny so horrifyingly badly, but I can't have them; I'm allergic to them in rotten, unlivable ways. I'm allergic to nearly all the pets we could easily afford and handle, which sucks for Mike because it means he can't have any of them. *shakes fist at the allergy deity*

So suffice it to say I babble at Fishee like it's a bunny or kitty or puppy I can pet and snuggle and love. Yeah, I'm a geek, I know it. *hehe*

8. I keep making these long posts - is that irritating to anybody? Would it be better if I used cuts more often? I wonder, sometimes, if people don't like to see really long entries cluttering up their "friends" pages. Thoughts?

9. I brushed my hair this morning. It hurt. Note to self: next time you bring a brush along on vacation, USE IT.

10. A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. GEORGE MOORE.

11. Hmm, it's apparently ten after three, which means it's not even Sunday anymore, it's Monday. I think I'll head to bed; have a good week, all!!

EDIT: 12. I forgot to tell you! That two-hour power outage last night? Completely fried our already-gasping router. *rolls eyes* But we picked up a new one today for less than half what we planned to spend on it, so that rocks. Yay for unexpected sales and finding the last one in stock!
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[ profile] wandaxmaximoff gave me some topics to elaborate on; I've done so and here they are. ;)

Questions from Clare )

Come on, more! XD.

* OK, I couldn't stand not knowing so I looked it up. George Gershwin composed both, and Ira Gershwin wrote the lyrics for I've Got Rhythm. ;)
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Time for a meme, this time from [ profile] superbeffie. Comment if you want to do it and I'll give you five topics I associate you with, and then you post and elaborate on them.

My topics from Beth )

Anyone else want to give me topics to elaborate on? Please? This was fun. XD.
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Run-on sentence warning: I read a lot of Harry Potter fanfic when I'm able, and I always wonder exactly what it takes for someone to be a beta reader, because some sites are SO super-strict about what they take and what they don't, but then I find stories that have horrible grammar usage, sentence structure, misspelling, etc, and I wonder exactly what kind of standards these people actually have when the stories they host are in serious need of fixing.

So, [ profile] coonassblondie posted some pimpage for a Hermione-centric "big bang" fest thing, and after taking a peek, I decided to sign up as a beta reader.

[ profile] hermionebigbang

We'll see if they like me enough to do it, but I'm really kind of hoping to give it a stab.
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Holy hell, y'all, I just discovered the greatest Hershey Kiss in history...

We were at the store on Friday and I picked up a bag because it sounded interesting: Pumpkin Spice. No chocolate in them, just whatever it is they used.

I didn't open them till today, about two minutes ago...and I don't wanna share 'em, not with anybody. THEY ARE SO GOOD. I WOULD GIVE UP CHOCOLATE FOR THESE.

And I'm a little sheepish to admit that with that first taste, three words went through my head: Thanksgiving, Hogwarts, Christmas. In that order. *snerk*

Man, it made me wish that August-December was ALL THE TIME. I will be crushed if these are only a one-time deal.

I need to stock up, just in case...
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OK, I'm I stole this from [ profile] katyscarlett76 and [ profile] kriz29. XD

Non-HP Related )

HP Related )

So it's a quiet evening. Matt and Mikey are playing with the movie-making feature of Matt's cell phone. And they've descended into classic, stereotypical MAN territory...they're recording farts and burps and everything gross they can think of.

And laughing so hysterically, it's funny just to listen to them laugh...

Ever had one of those evenings? XD
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Big, Strong, Sensitive Men )

Okay, enough of the girly stuff.

Today was Mikey's last bowling day. He's done worse the last few weeks, but ahh, well. He got his very own bowling ball tonight - it's got Donkey from Shrek on it. It's pretty cool - when we get a picture, I'll post it.

And it's almost vacation time. Just over a week, and we'll be on our way out East. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait... XD

And as a side note, I changed my layout a while ago. It's pretty, but we'll see how long I stick with it. Hehehehe... ;)
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And it's so past time for a post - I've been neglectful! Shame on me!

I haven't posted too much - sorry about that. I just haven't had too much to say lately, I guess. It's that whole "summer" thing, I think. Not much going on, Mikey's not in school and I can't regale you all with continual bowling tales - although he hasn't thrown himself down the lane with his ball yet. Yeah, okay, I'm a bad mom for hoping he might... XD

I'm nearly crawling out of my skin with excitement because Deathly Hallows will be in my hands in less than 48 hours - can't wait, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait...

And slightly less exciting but still wonderful for me is my vacation coming up. We're driving out East this year, visiting my grandparents and a great aunt. We leave early morning August 3rd, and will be in Delaware by Saturday evening. We'll spend approximately a week there. And you can tell it's almost vacation time for me...I'm slowing down at work. I do this every year. Lucky for me, my boss recognizes the symptoms and doesn't mind. Hehehehe... XD

Got this from [ profile] capella_black: Clicky, clicky for the meme! )
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I got my second issue of my Angels magazine today.

And I read it through, cover to cover. I've been reading it for months, every time we go to Mikey's grandparents' house; so Bunny (Mikey's grandmother) gave me my own subscription for Christmas.

It's always so incredible, the things that prayer can accomplish. You'd think I'd do it more often myself, but it's a very...difficult, I suppose...thing for me to do. Nevertheless, it continually floors me, what faith and hope and love can do. I can only hope that someday I can draw from that well as easily as others can. In the meantime, all I can do is live the best I know how: find the good and the beauty in life and in others, and remind myself often that God has a purpose for me, a plan, whether or not I know what it is.

So I've been a bit contemplative this evening, searching out various things online that fit my mood. And I was on Checkmated, and rummaging through my stories I've marked as favorites, and came across one called "In the Twinkling of an Eye." (Link here: )

It's so beautifully written, and the scripture at the end ties the whole thing together. Read it, if you like - and tell me your thoughts.

Or don't. Some things call to me more deeply, more elementally, than they do to others. Either way, it's a good story. ;)


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