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All right, we'll try this again. Note to self: Copy entire post before hitting the "post" button, just in case the entries page eats the damn thing again.

FLIST! It's been a while! I've been coming and reading entries, and keep telling myself I'm going to post "as soon as I have some time," but that never seems to happen. *rolls eyes at self*

1. I am finally, finally starting to feel mostly better. I have been sick since mid-January, which is a huge pain in the arse for someone who's generally a healthy person. We just keep passing it back and forth to each other, I think - I'm almost ready to dub this "The Year of Sick." However, I only cough occasionally now, and both Hubby and Boychild are feeling so much better, too.

2. Better enough that we've been out enjoying this gorgeous weather! What the hell has been up with this winter, anyway?! This is Minnesota, for the love of Harry. Winter is supposed to be snowy and cold, but it's been ridiculously mild. It's only mid-March, and we've already seen temps in the low seventies! The forecast for this Saturday is 80ºF! That's just unheard of for this time of year in MN.

We've hardly had any snow. Lots of ice, which has been difficult, but the ground has been brown almost the whole time. Not that I'm complaining; I love winter and snow and cold, but haven't minded so much this year. I'm more worried, really, about how little snow we had in terms of how dry everything is. If we don't get some good, soaking rain this spring, I think summer's going to be hot and fire-y. Or dry and fire-y, anyway.

3. We're currently driving around in a Nissan Cube. A week and a half ago, some moron was going a bit too fast as he came into the apartment parking lot. We sped up a bit to try and get out of his way and he made the effort to swerve, but it wasn't enough; the geezermobile's back driver's side bumper got dented in. It didn't look too bad, but when we got it to the place his insurance agent asked us to take it, it had more damage than you might expect. Luckily for us, his insurance took full responsibility, so we don't have to pay a dime.

In the meantime, we've got the Cube as our rental. It is uglier than homemade sin and has the pithiest horn sound on the entire planet, but we kind of love it anyway. It feels way bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside, gets great gas mileage (compared to our piggy), and has what seems like acres of windows. It's comfortable, and we think it will travel really well, so we're seriously considering renting one for August when we go out east.

4. Yeah, you read that right - instead of the lake this summer, we're planning to head out east. We haven't been since 2007, and as my great aunt is turning 95 this year, we thought we'd make the trip again.

We plan to visit with her in Delaware as well as with my grandfather, but we have lots of other destinations in mind this time, too. We want to hit up D.C. and New York for some sightseeing, and squeeze in visits to friends in NYC and my sisters in Raleigh, NC as well. Lots of driving, yes, but we are most definitely drivers and travel exceedingly well by car.

5. We were in Chicago for a weekend in February. No particular reason, we just felt like going for the hell of it. And we had a really nice time! We drove there on Friday afternoon, got to the Ohio House Motel around ten o'clock that night, and were on the go right away in the morning. We did the CityPass thing, which was a GREAT deal, it turns out. We hit up the Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institute and the Sears Willis Tower on Saturday, and then spent all of Sunday morning in the Field Museum.

We want to go again, but will plan a longer weekend for it; we could easily spend an entire day at the Museum of Science and Industry alone. We'll also hit up the Shedd Aquarium next time, and probably the Adler Planetarium.

6. I have been having astonishing luck lately finding clothes for cheap. About a month ago we found out that with a donation at Savers, no matter how large or small, you get a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase in the store if you spend $10 or more. Um, yes, please. We gathered together an entire garbage bag full of clean clothes that no longer fit any of us, and then another bag of items that included a stuffed animal, a handful of toys and a small bedside lamp, among other things. We brought it in, got the coupon, then went into the store. We spent less than fifty bucks, and came out with six shirts for Boychild, five for me, two books and a really nice set of salt and pepper mills that Hubby's been wanting. How do you beat that?!

Found a couple cute skirts and sweaters at WalMart a couple weeks ago, and I also went to KMart the other night because they're having some good sales, too. We spent sixty bucks and I came home with three tank tops, five shirts, a pair of capri pants (that I have to roll up in order to make them actually be capris on me because for some ridiculous reason, clothing companies assume that all fat women are also tall), a pair of slip-on work shoes, a charging valet thing Hubby found for himself for $2, and a few candy-type things Boychild found. YAY, SALES. ♥

7. We had a pretty decent tax refund this year, so we finally went out and got Boychild a new bed. He's been needing one for a while, so we got rid of the old, broken twin frames and bought a full size bed. Y'all, beds are EXPENSIVE!! Good Lord, we spent $280, and that included a frame, the mattress, a "foundation" (not even a proper boxspring, apparently) and the tax. And that wasn't even the cheapest set. You can get a full-size bed for about $150, but they are worthless. With the set we ended up deciding on, there's a proper, full-thickness mattress with it, and it serves the purpose better than his old bed did.

I feel old, complaining about the cost of things, but I can't help it! I am just floored by how much some things are these days.

8. We also finally broke down and bought a decent set of pots and pans. I've been wanting a stainless steel set for a while, ones that can go from stovetop to oven, and the tax refund enabled us to finally get some. In the process, I got some new shallow pans that can double as cookie sheets (till I break down and buy proper ones), and a new cake pan with a lid. There was excitement in my house when all that cookware arrived, I tell you what. We've been cooking up a storm ever since.

9. I'm excited because I've signed up to participate in [ profile] hp_porninthesun again this year; this will be my second year participating as a writer, and my third or fourth (fifth? I'm bad with time, don't judge me) as a beta-reader. I can't wait for my assignment, I'm ready and raring to see what I come up with. And too, I'm really looking forward to beta-reading for a couple people this year, assuming that neither of them are given me as an assignment!

10. Speaking of writing, I've been working with my lovely [ profile] wandaxmaximoff on a new, separate HP fic. We've mostly got lots of the details laid out and a few things written, but are both fairly pleased with it so far.

I've also been playing with my next-gen piece a bit; I'm attempting to draw up an outline so that I can start the rewrites of early chapters. I still love them as they are, but they don't really fit the more detailed direction of where I'm finally taking the story, so they need revision. I love when the writing muse stays with me for a while like this!

11. I find, too, that I can't get enough of Narnia fic. I keep looking for it and immersing myself in it. I love it so much, and find myself rereading favorites quite a bit. If you have any Narnia fic you love, please do share. So long as it's well-written, I will read damn near anything in that fandom.

I am sure there a million and one more things I could put here, but am drawing a blank. I find myself doing that more and more often...which is kind of sad, considering that two weeks from today, I will only be 34.

If you want an update on anything I haven't rambled about in this post already, please don't hesitate to ask! I want to get back into the habit of posting again, so hopefully it won't be so long a wait. ;)

EDIT: Dreamwidth People: Does anybody know why, when I move the mouse out of the entry box on the create entries beta page, the text in the box leaps upward? I don't mean the words switch places or anything, but the whole text body itself scrolls up each time I move the mouse out of the box, and never just stays where I left the damn cursor. I can even stop typing, move the mouse out, then back in and back out a couple times without typing at all, and it will keep scrolling up a bit with each movement in and out. I'll check the bug list thingy later, of course, but thought I'd pose the question here, just in case anyone has a quick, easy answer. ....I wonder if it does this from home. I'll have to check; at work I'm forced to use IE8, but use firefox at home.

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Date: 2012-03-16 03:29 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] archersangel
3. glad no one was hurt in the fender-bender. and the cube is an odd-looking car. there are a few of those boxy things out there.

4. i went to D.C. when the air & space museum had the star wars; the magic of myth exhibit. beautiful city, a lot of squirrels. i went on this tram tour thing (the site says they shut down, but still have the map up. maybe you can make better sense of it) if they still have it, it's worth it to go on it. (even at $32 per person. it was on $15 in '98) because you can get on & off as many times as you want at most of the major things all day.

6. yay for sales!

as for the edit, if you still have problems, you may want to open a support request;

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Date: 2012-03-17 03:30 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] archersangel
i hope they're still in business. like i said, i was a bit confused by what they have on their site. if they're shut down, they shouldn't have the prices & stuff up, IMHO, their web people should have taken that stuff down.


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