Jun. 21st, 2012 12:33 pm
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It's probably not a good thing when a combination of events at work end up with you having a minor meltdown at your desk. Right?

Work Woes.

Jun. 20th, 2012 04:32 pm
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I hate my job.

Stop, rephrase. I hate what my job has become.

It's been a while since I bitched about work, so I might as well dive back in while my frustration is raging, right?

Everything has been fucked up and busy as hell since, oh, the last time I posted about work. Which was, admittedly, last year. Nothing got any better, and then someone decided to merge the professional billing with the hospital billing WITH ONLY THREE MONTHS WORTH OF PLANNING.

Which, of course, fucked everything into a billion more pieces than it already was, so you can imagine the headaches in this place.

My dipshit coworker finally retired at the end of April, but did literally NO* work the whole last week, and of course the only other person who knew how to do it was me.

Then they moved cash application down to yet another new manager and supervisor, and these ones, we've discovered, are micro-managers. We've been on our own for the better part of eight years, and suddenly we're under what feels like a microscope.

"You should only be taking two minutes in the bathroom."

"You need to fill out this stat sheet every single day."

"You need to log how many phone calls you get and how long each one takes."

And a bunch of other piddly things that while they do add up, it takes me fifteen to thirty minutes just to do the motherfucking recording of all this shit, and then they ask, "What took you this half hour?" and "You were gone from your desk for four minutes, what were you doing?" Well Jesus Christ on motherfucking stilts, calculating all that shit took half an hour alone! And I was in the bathroom for four minutes; if you can do it in two, then don't touch me or anything on my desk because you aren't cleaning yourself or your hands properly. Two minutes. It takes thirty seconds to walk there and another thirty to walk back, I cannot pee that fast, SUE ME. Fuckers.

I've been trying to train people and so I'm pulled away from my desk just as much as before, yet they're unable to see that it cuts into the time I should be able to use for actually posting the damn cash. It's like I'm back to the first couple years with my first supervisor here, and I am just about ready to tell them to fuck themselves running. Like, literally - just leave all of this stuff to them. They have NO idea what's untouched yet, because I can't get past this other shit Asshole McBastardPants left. It's a vicious cycle and there's just no end in sight.

I have been trying to be open minded about things because I know I resist change like nobody's business (Look, I just think you should make it perfectly clear - preferably with examples/proof - that the changes will make things better and smoother and not be a pain in everyone's collective damn ass, okay?), but I've given it over a month now and it should have gotten better but hasn't.

Impatient? Me? Damn skippy.


*No, seriously, he did NOTHING the whole last week. He ignored everything that came up that was his, walked around and chatted with people, made appointments to talk to people in HR and was basically everywhere but his desk. When his ass actually managed to find his desk chair, he only took small piles of work THAT HE'D ALREADY DONE and pretended to look them up so it looked like he was working. I WATCHED HIM DO THIS. It wasn't surprising, really, but at the same time, just-. WTF.
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I think most people are aware that I'm hugely liberal, though I don't go around talking about it a lot. But dude...Michele Bachmann just drives me insane.

From News Cut on MPR:

The shooting in Tucson earlier this month was blamed on political rhetoric long before there were sufficient facts to support the conclusion, a young man's death in central Minnesota last weekend was blamed on gay bullying before it was ruled the death was a suicide, and today MPR's Tom Scheck documents what most people probably already know -- if Michele Bachmann gets her facts right, she got lucky.

"We have checked her 13 times, and (found) seven of her claims to be false and six have been found to be ridiculously false," PolitiFact editor Bill Adair told Scheck.


The indictment is as much reflection on us as anyone else. "Respect for facts just doesn't mean a whole lot any more,"Norm Ornstein said. "You don't get punished. You don't get shamed if you say things that are patently false. Let's face it: for many, repeating them over and over again -- even after you've been told and it's been made clear that what you say is false -- just doesn't have any impact at all."

Why not? Is that an indictment of people who speak with only a casual relationship with facts, or people who are willing to believe them? In the case of Bachmann, as I've written before, the more her district knows about her, the more popular she becomes. But everyone with an agenda has contributed to the lack of respect for facts.

If Ornstein is correct that respect for facts doesn't matter anymore, the real question is: Why not?


The bit about being false and ridiculously false is also mentioned in another article on MPR.

And otherwise-perfectly-reasonable people BELIEVE this woman! I KNOW SOME OF THEM!! Just-. God, please help this country.

And please help Michele Bachmann to find employment that ISN'T public office.
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So, first things first:

I wish all the best for each of you this year!

And now with that said, as far as I'm concerned, 2011 can JUST GO FUCK ITSELF.

Some of you already know about my year so far, but most of you don't, so here, quick recap:

New Year's Eve was rung in with me in bed with a moaning and groaning, tummy-achy Boychild. He was puking and couldn't do a number 2, and didn't want anything touching his belly. We thought it was very similar to his stomach flu last April, and called the nurse line on Saturday morning (New Year's Day) to get an opinion. They told us to go to the Children's hospital to the ER because it might be appendicitis.

Sure enough, Boychild had his appendix out that evening - and apparently, so did my aunt. How weird is that?!

Anyway, we spent that night in the hospital, went home the next day. Kept him home Monday, and Tuesday, and were back in the ER Tuesday night because he was having pain that wasn't getting better. After six hours or so, some pee in a cup, some Xrays and a few CAT scans, everything was normal and we went back home. Stayed home with him again Wednesday.

Over those few days, a nasty cold was developing for me, and while we sent Boychild back to school on Thursday, I stayed home because I was feverish and lightheaded from all the coughing. Managed two hours of work on Friday before being ordered home by the manager.

Felt better Saturday. Had some fabulously authentic El Salvador cuisine for lunch, enjoyed some time bumming around a bit. Got the ingredients I was missing for making chorag (Armenian tea bread) - which turned out gorgeously for a first attempt on Sunday, thankyouverymuch - and just generally had a really nice day on Saturday till 7:30 PM, when MY WALLET WAS STOLEN.

We actually don't know if it fell out of my coat pocket and someone found it or if it was actually grabbed from my pocket, but-.

They cleaned out our bank account over the course of Saturday evening and Sunday (yesterday). Apparently, I didn't really think people could be so carelessly indecent, which is why I'm so, so upset over this.

Canceled the check card Sunday morning and filed a police report, went through the motions.

So anyway, went to the bank this morning right when it opened, and they've been very good to us. Started the process, reversed all the charges and resulting overdraft fees; they'll also keep an eye on still-pending transactions for us, and the girl gave us her card and told us to also keep our eyes on it and let her know anything that seems off.

In the Small Favors department, my Social Security card was NOT in there, and we didn't have credit cards in there. Some debit cards, but they all require a PIN to be used, and the PIN isn't written anywhere. Canceled them anyway to be sure, but am reasonably certain they'd be useless.

Have to go get a new ID this coming weekend, and still call the library, among other places.

Our Relative Custody Assistance check was in my wallet, too, so hopefully the idiots didn't try cashing it; we'll have to get it reissued. And of course, the one person I need to talk to about it hasn't bothered to return my call yet.

My head wants to explode. And dammit, I LIKED that wallet.

I've said it once and I will say it again: PEOPLE are my pet peeve.

It's been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad YEAR. I think I'll move to Australia.
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I know I haven't posted in weeks, and I'm sorry that this one is going to be bitchy. I promise to come back on the weekend and post some pictures and general life stuff.

Brain vomit have been warned. )

Sigh. I could use some hugs and a couple days on the sofa with some movies and girlfriends. It's OK to bitch about not having that available to me, right? :(
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So OMGWTF are people smoking?! Like, seriously. I get in this morning and the first thing that happens? My mentally-disabled coworker apparently threw me under the bus in her "meeting" on the sixth by saying that I NEVER HELP HER OR EXPLAIN THINGS OR ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS FOR HER.

I wasn't angry, I'm still not, just mostly baffled! I know that she was lashing out, because she's afraid and doesn't really understand anything that's going on, and because it's a defense mechanism. But at the same time, JESUS, I hope when she was spouting those lies that the people hearing them were considering the source!

Already people who've heard about it are jumping to my defense, and angry on my behalf because I wasn't even here last week to defend myself. And there's been serious mishandling by the manager so far anyway, according to several people. I'm just - GAH. I need a different workplace, and I need it, like, yesterday.

I may start looking on other hospitals' websites for job postings, I don't know. There's certainly nothing in my own hospital, nor would I ever want to have to deal with this manager again. I'm so...fuck, I don't even know what I'm feeling right now. It's not anger, it's not hate, it's not's like a mixture of the three, but not even simmering. I'm...I am weary. I'm only 32 years old. I shouldn't be feeling like it's time to retire...and I just got back from vacation, for shit's sake.
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You know, of the few people I work directly with each and every day, I am the baby - but somehow, I am also the most mature. I know, crazy, right?

I am not paid enough for this. )

I can has winning lottery ticket now?

I don't have any desire to be wealthy - I only need enough to support my family while I quit and look for a better job. *sigh*
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Homeless Good Samaritan Left To Die

Do people DO this? Who and where are they?

Oh, my GOD.

Feb. 8th, 2010 07:32 pm
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US Soldier Waterboards 4-Year-Old Daughter Because She Can't Recite the Alphabet

Why does this shock me? I know people are capable of this, but just-. My heart breaks for this little girl, for any child abused like this or in any other way.
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At year-end, in the accounting office?

They have GOT to be fucking kidding me.

I've got a million and one things to accomplish before I go home on December 31st, and these morons take down the entire computer system for two hours.

*throws up hands in resignation*



This stupid test took three bloody hours out of my workday, and the whole time there was this pinched-face little woman up here, observing what we do during downtime. There was nothing for me TO do!! Normally I'd file all this crap I haven't filed since, oh, September. But the Denial Unit people were in there, pulling EOBs, so I was told not to go in there by my supervisor (not her fault, I'm not angry with her). I was told to tidy up my desk. I did, but it looks exactly the way it did before the frigging downtime because everything on it? Yeah, it all needs to be filed. I have a two-foot pile of remits that I need to put away, and that's not even because I'm lazy and have been hanging onto them like the other stuff I need to file; there's currently no room in the file room because I can't get in there to clean it out till January.

So I did my best to look busy and move paper from one side of my desk to the other throughout this whole stupid-ass "test." Which they should have scheduled for, oh, I don't know, FEBRUARY. Idiots. I swear to God, it took everything in me not to swear violently and creatively. So now I'm pissy and mean because I've got all that stress bottled up.

People should REALLY just listen to me and do what the hell I tell them to do.
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My grandfather sent me this email today - it's one of many that I receive every day, and while they never blatantly say "Republicans should Rule," they piss me off. This one sent me over the edge:

Click to make your blood boil. )

So I sent an email back to him:

My pissed-off response. )

It's funny - my grandfather and I get along just fine, and I love him insanely. But the filth he keeps spreading just drove me over the edge this time. Wonder how long till he forwards my response to my dad? XD.

EDIT: He emailed me back - and how completely typical a response: Obviously someone can't take a joke.

*LOL* I adore the fact that he didn't counter ANY of my points.

And then I had another email from him that said this: Quote for the day )

And I had to laugh out loud, because it was mostly true...and that was exactly what I did. *hehe*


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