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Dear Bicyclists,

In this state, you are a vehicle just like any other and do not have right of way or special privileges just by virtue of being a bike. Asking if we want to suck your penis does not change the fact that you are required to follow the laws.

All the Animosity In the World,

As a side note: Man, am I glad it's Friday.
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Dear Dad,

I am your oldest and sanest child. I should not have to find out from one of the most unstable ones that you have had chest pains for three days and have been at the hospital since 2:30 this afternoon, after you finally called the nurse line...and that after she beat around the bush about being worried and forced me to roll my eyes and ask flat-out if she was planning to spill it or just be all vague about it.

I am aware that I am an adult and no longer really get to qualify as Daddy's Little Girl, but I do still expect you to instruct SOMEONE to call me, if you're unable to just do it your bloody self. I'm the one who will have to clean up the aftermath should Bad Things Happen, so I'm pretty sure I'm entitled to a call from you or someone else under your direction.

And dammit, you should have called me two days ago, when said chest pains had been present for 24 hours. I am Not Amused.

I expect a phone call tomorrow after your nuclear stress test to let me know how it went. I expect another phone call when you get the results from that test. And I expect phone calls for any subsequent tests and results. I know we live only a couple miles apart, and that I'm really not a Chat-on-the-Phone Kind of Girl, but there are reasons for having a phone in the first place. This would be one of them. Put your Dad suit on and CALL ME.

I am Irritated With You.

But I Still Love You, You Bonehead,

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1. Dear Fall Allergies:

You're running a few weeks late this year, no? Well, I must say, you fooled me into complacency, thinking maybe I was finally growing back out of you. Which is why, of course, I was so unprepared for today's wild onslaught of sneezing and sniffling and itching eyes and scratchy throatiness. And why, naturally, you are currently kicking my ass.

I've taken a pill now to banish you for a few hours, so be on guard, because I'm going to squash you to the best of my ability. But that said, I could use a little sympathy, here - please tell the headache to cease and desist. I'm going to Sylar my own head off soon otherwise, and that's just a bad point to have to reach. You want me to live another day so you can torture me, I want to live another day to attempt to squash you. Win-win, see? So for real - help a girl out.

Your Host Body,

2. My potato-chip cookies were a hit at the picnic. I have to bring the recipe to the next meeting for several people.

3. One of my favorite ladies from Chapter, Carol - she lost her husband at the end of May this year. Things had been getting a little easier for her recently, until just this last Thursday. Some assholes broke into her house IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Destroyed one of the panels of her front door, then instead of reaching through to unlock it, they went around to the backyard and destroyed her sliding glass doors to get in. They ransacked her bedroom and office, and stole every piece of jewelry she owned, her laptop and a few other things.

She'd just taken off her wedding ring last weekend; now it's gone, along with John's ring and a few other pieces John had given her. The jeweler has pictures of the rings and one of the other pieces, but-. If you pray, if you send good wishes and thoughts, please do it for her. It's been a rough year for her, and I love her.

4. Phineas & Ferb FTW. Doofenshmirtz Evil, Incorporated!
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I have two minor frustrations, and I thought I'd try venting them in letter-style, a la [ profile] herminia.

Letter #1 )

One more...

Letter #2 )

Thanks for the idea, Sarah - writing these was strangely therapeutic...


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