Sep. 13th, 2010

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Weekends are never long enough, are they?

Boychild turned TWELVE on Saturday. He came barreling into our room at 7:30 AM and took a flying leap into the middle of our bed with a shriek and, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!" This was immediately followed by hugging us both and squeezing his eyes shut and grinning like an idiot while saying, "I'm finally twelve!"

So of course, we promptly wrestled him down and performed the obligatory birthday spankings, during which he shrieked and giggled and squirmed and thrashed as best he could. Then he launched himself back off the bed and went to make himself some pancakes and sausage (we surprised him with one of those microwaveable breakfast things, he's been dying to try one), and ate it in front of the television.

Let me tell you, he milked that "it's my birthday" thing for all it was worth!

We took him and his friends, Tim and Levi, to Grand Slam for a few hours, where they were able to wear themselves out playing lazer tag, bumper cars, mini golf, batting cages and the arcade. Then we went back home for chocolate cupcakes made fresh that morning by moi, and opened a few presents. His grandparents took us for dinner, and we relaxed at home after that.

It felt like a crazy busy day, but looking at it from a couple days away, it was probably one of his calmer birthdays!

And now, the meme... Geez, I didn't just miss a day, did I? *rolls eyes at self* Five days' worth of meme, ahoy!

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I would forget my bleeding head if it wasn't attached.

I wanted to also say that I have been absolutely terrible about commenting lately, but I am reading, I promise. ;)


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