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Weekends are never long enough, are they?

Boychild turned TWELVE on Saturday. He came barreling into our room at 7:30 AM and took a flying leap into the middle of our bed with a shriek and, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!" This was immediately followed by hugging us both and squeezing his eyes shut and grinning like an idiot while saying, "I'm finally twelve!"

So of course, we promptly wrestled him down and performed the obligatory birthday spankings, during which he shrieked and giggled and squirmed and thrashed as best he could. Then he launched himself back off the bed and went to make himself some pancakes and sausage (we surprised him with one of those microwaveable breakfast things, he's been dying to try one), and ate it in front of the television.

Let me tell you, he milked that "it's my birthday" thing for all it was worth!

We took him and his friends, Tim and Levi, to Grand Slam for a few hours, where they were able to wear themselves out playing lazer tag, bumper cars, mini golf, batting cages and the arcade. Then we went back home for chocolate cupcakes made fresh that morning by moi, and opened a few presents. His grandparents took us for dinner, and we relaxed at home after that.

It felt like a crazy busy day, but looking at it from a couple days away, it was probably one of his calmer birthdays!

And now, the meme... Geez, I didn't just miss a day, did I? *rolls eyes at self* Five days' worth of meme, ahoy!

Day 9 – Your Beliefs

You know, last year for a profile class Boychild had to have hubby and I write down our beliefs. I kept mine because I really liked it, but do you think I can find it now? Nooooooo...

So. I will try to make this sounds as good, but if it's jumbled, be nice to me anyway. ;)

I believe in light and laughter, in love and the Lord. I believe that anything is possible, and that not seeing something doesn't mean it's not there or that it doesn't exist. I believe that "every human life is worth the same, and worth saving." And of course, the Storyteller's Creed: "I believe that imagination is more important than knowledge; that myth is more potent than history; that dreams are more powerful than facts; that hope always triumphs over experience; that laughter is the only cure for grief; and I believe that love is stronger than death."

I can't remember if there was any more, but that was the gist of it, and I still like it, so there you go.

Day 10 – What You Wore Today

Let's see, Friday...I was wearing my brown slacks with my green-and-white striped 3/4 sleeve tee, and a pair of brown flats. If you don't care about Friday and just want to know what I have on today, it's my black pair of slacks, a pink draped-neck (cowl neck?) tank with a black sweater and a circle rhinestone necklace. And my black pumps, when I'm not at my desk.

Day 11 – Your Siblings

I have four sisters, no brothers, and I am the oldest - as evidenced by my bossy, I'm-always-right mentality.

Vickie just turned 30 years old on Saturday. She is Boychild's biological mother, and is neither mentally nor emotionally capable of raising a child. She is currently serving time, although it's more a matter of being unable to function in society than it is of what she did.

Valerie will be 27 in just under a month. She is married and has an adorable Boychild of her own who turned one a month ago. She lives many states away.

Karen is 25 and lives at home with our parents. She has several issues and goes to several various professionals each week.

And Amanda is 20. She is in training at Aveda and is the artist of the lot of us, in many different ways.

Day 12 – What’s In Your Bag

Good Christ, everything. Everything is in my bag. Wallet, keys, sunglasses, blockers, iPod, DS, games, chargers, cell phone, batteries, camera, kleenex, notebook, a fistful of pens and pencils, many many many many many many receipts, coupons, hand sanitizer, makeup bag stuffed with stain cleaners and a pill cutter and various makeup implements that I rarely use but prefer to keep on hand, female products, cotton swabs, bandaids and several hair ties. And probably other stuff that I can't remember off the top of my head.

Day 13 – This Week

It is Monday, my friends; the week has only just begun. I've not felt the need to murder anyone yet, but it's early yet. The week ahead promises several meetings, I have to haul my manager's arse down to storage tomorrow because she wants to see it, I have Star on Thursday so I have to get all that stuff together PLUS find my white skirt and shirt(s), and then my tenth wedding anniversary is on Friday. OH! And I'm trying my hand at making pork lo mein tonight, homemade. If it works out and tastes good, I may post the recipe in [community profile] omnomnom!

The 30-Day Meme List

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