Jul. 21st, 2010

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1. OK, first things first: [personal profile] kate is having a birthday today!

Happy Birthday, Kate!!

And I KNOW I've missed a couple birthdays since, what, May? Beginning of June? And of course, they drop off the little reminder thing on the home page after they pass, so I don't even remember who all I missed. In which case:

Happy Belated Birthday to Everyone I've Missed!!

I hope all of you had (or are having, in [personal profile] kate's case) a fabulous day!

2. A coworker had a birthday yesterday, and I completely failed to say anything to her. So I'm making her a little picture for her cube with highlighters and markers and stickers I keep on hand for the kids. Never let it be said that I'm not creative when it counts! *hee*

3. My gums don't hurt as much today, which is good, but my cheek is still swollen quite a bit. I'll give the amoxicillin time to work, but if it still hurts after the scrip runs out, I'm going to have to ask about it.

4. I've realized that I clench my teeth on the right side when I sleep. I don't grind them, but I clench them, and it's really irritating - I don't know how to stop. And how weird is it that I only do it on one side and not both?

5. Bought a pill cutter yesterday. The row of them were labeled as $4.13 each, but it rang up as $1.30. That's what I call awesome.

6. Been making my grocery list for our week at the lake. Already informed people they should have cash for me up front for shopping, and everyone's cool with it, so yay!

7. It'll be so nice to get up there for a week and just relax.


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