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1. I have been absolutely terrible about commenting lately; please forgive me. I have, however, been reading updates and keeping up with things with all of you.

2. I believe I owe birthday wishes to [personal profile] archersangel!

Happy Belated Birthday!!
I hope your day was wonderful!!

3. Baby sister (Amanda) arrives tomorrow for a visit. The logistics of it are completely ridiculous, especially when she hasn't exactly planned it out very well. It's one thing to fly by the seat of your pants, but some structure is necessary when you've got a big family and several piles of friends clamoring for your attention. I just sent her an email with very specific questions so I can at least plan OUR time. *rolls eyes*

Do the youngest children always have this much trouble adjusting to adult life? She can't do ANYTHING for herself. It's asinine, and far overreaches the limits of "being an artsy, dreamy person."

Yes, I KNOW I've been adult for nearly as long as I've been alive, but STILL.

4. I am off work tomorrow and Friday. THANK. GOD.

5. Unfortunately, I have 234456 things to finish before I go home today, and...oh, four hours to finish them in. This should be a harrowing afternoon.

6. Boychild's last day of school is tomorrow. He is thrilled out of his mind, of course, and as such, has been out of bed at six-ish each day this week so far. Any other school day, we practically have to drag him out of bed. Weekends and vacations? Oh, he's up with the sun. I'm told this is normal. *snorts, unimpressed*

7. We have him all set up for summer camp, and all signed up for summer school, too. He'll do only morning classes, and it'll only be for five or six weeks, two of which he'll miss due to camp and a family vacation. Summer classes really helped him out last year, so we're giving it another go again this year. He's one of those kids who will lose the knowledge if he goes too long without using it, so this will give him the boost he needs to be ready for sixth grade.

8. The amoxicillin I was prescribed by the dentist seems to be doing its job, because my teeth aren't hurting anymore. Now to just keep it that way till my appointment day arrives. *sigh*

9. We finally saw The Invention of Lying last night. Both hubby and I really liked it! We'd read some pretty bad reviews, the worst of which said that it was one long, boring fat joke. But it wasn't, it was so much more.

10. Jason Bateman had a small part in it, and you know, I really like him. I like everything I've seen him in - which granted, doesn't amount to very much, but-. Yes.

11. I think that's all for now. ;)

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Date: 2010-06-09 08:37 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] archersangel
2. thank you, it was a nice b-day

3. my brother that's 3 years younger (i'm the oldest of 2) is a bit unstructured as well. i gues it's a youngest sibling thing

8. glad the amoxicillin is working


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