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It's Monday once again, which means my lovely weekend is over. Boo.

Three Boys Is A Lot

We had Tim and Levi sleep over with Mike on Friday night, and were reminded once again that not only are we Getting Older, but also that we are Glad We Only Have One. I was exhausted just watching the three of them - I don't ever remember having that kind of energy when I was twelve. The three of them had a great time, but together, they are LOUD. And they were up until Matt finally hollered at them to go to sleep around TWO. They could have stayed up all night, really, but they still haven't quite figured out the whole "be quiet" thing. Tim's voice isn't necessarily loud, but it's deep for his age, so when he's excited it's just booming. And Levi - good God, the boy doesn't shut up! He talks a mile a minute, and like he believes the dead in their graves a couple cemeteries over need to hear what he has to say.

We also lost Knuckles this weekend. Last year at the state fair Mikey won this stuffed Knuckles toy (from Sonic the Hedgehog, I guess?) that was as big as he was. The boys were playing with it, and the ass split open (cheap toys at carnival booths, what did they expect?! ). Styrofoam beads, EVERYWHERE. Had to cart the thing down to the garbage outside in a bedsheet - it looked like Matt was hauling out a body - and then dig out the vacuum. We ended up filling the cannister twice! There are still tiny bits here and there that the vacuum couldn't catch, but I'm not bothered, we got the vast majority. The rest should come up the next time we vacuum. Mikey was sad, he wanted us to just sew up the seam, but I was like, "Not a chance in hell."

Anyway, we dropped Tim and Levi back with their mother on Saturday afternoon, and enjoyed the peace and quiet afterwards.

I Am Amused

So every once in a while, I see something on various journals called "The Friday Five." If anyone knows where to regularly find this, please tell me.

Anyway, I came across this particular one when I was checking out layout previews by [personal profile] branchandroot, and had to do it myself, even though it's Monday:

1. You are on your way to work, when suddenly a wormhole to the far side of the galaxy opens in the middle of the road. You are thus the first to meet the alien being that emerges. Despite your protestations, you are now Earth’s unofficial First Contact ambassador. What will you say to the visitor?

Probably something along the lines of, "I-. Just-. Wow."

2. A wandering trading caravan emerges from the wormhole. They plan to stay on Earth for a few weeks, and then will move on to the next planet and the next. Whatever you said must have really impressed them, because they offer to let you and a few other humans come along with them. The only catch is that the caravan probably won’t be back to Earth. Would you go? Why or why not?

No. I would want to - like, REALLY want to - but I have always been a homebody, and this is where I need to be.

3. Suppose you decided to go. The master of the caravan will allow you to bring along whatever trinkets and baubles you think will sell on alien worlds, and will also allow you to bring exactly five other items that you may always keep. Clearly, he does not mean practical items like shoes or a toothbrush. What would you bring?

My husband and child, obviously. A Kindle loaded with the maximum number of books it can hold. A computer with as many terabytes of storage as I can cram into it, loaded with music and the programs I use and the like. That's, what, four things? Five...a really amazing digital camera with a rechargeable battery, I think.

And I agree with [personal profile] branchandroot, "If this trip does not come with a good wireless plan so I can stay online, all bets are off." Right on.

4. Suppose you decided to stay home after all. The caravan master offers you a parting gift. You may choose among super-brain pills, a flying car, a robot butler, or an invisibility belt. Which would you choose and why?

Hubby would probably want the flying car, because hey, flying car. But I think I'd go for the invisibility belt. Not that I'd actually want to use it for anything, but it seems the least likely to stand out.

5. Suppose you ended up taking the super-brain pills. You now have a head the size, shape, and color of a watermelon. But you also now have the most fantastic mind the world has ever seen. What would be the first task you set it to?

Um. Probably coming up with a way to make my head NOT be the shape, size and color of a watermelon! After that, well. Sky's the limit!

We Make Damn Fine Food

My dad is driving back to Delaware with my grandpa; they left yesterday morning. So we decided to have my mom and sister over for dinner last night; Matt made pork roast with potatoes and carrots, and I whipped up a batch of my cheese biscuits to go along with them.

And Mom and Karen brought apple pie and banana cream pie, as well as some ice cream to go with it for dessert.

MAN, I love Sunday dinner when we do it up properly. That, and it was just nice to veg out for the afternoon and evening with family.

How My Garden Grows

Remember how I wanted to attempt growing something that wasn't a human child? Well, it's been going better than most years.

Check it out, the zinnias have a couple small blooms:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My deep blue/purple petunias are bold and striking:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My daisies are short yet, but getting there, and the white petunias are gorgeous:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But alas, I'm not a gardening genius. These used to be pinky/purple petunias:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In my defense, I didn't know that I shouldn't have used that type of pot for outdoor has no drainage holes. It's got a raised thing in the bottom that is supposed to aid with that, but I think it's meant more for an indoor plant than anything. Next year I'll get another draining pot and try again.

But hey, four out of five still thriving is amazing - I've never had ANYTHING survive before. It probably helps that we had plenty of rain, and that our balcony gets excellent sun time, but not the really hot afternoon sun. But YAY, pretty flowers, most of which are still alive!

And that wraps it up, I guess. Now it's back to the grind for another five days. And this year's state fair starts on Thursday; we're going on Saturday, which we're looking forward to doing. Mike's already hoping to win another giant, stuffed toy. ;)

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