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The last two weeks have been absolutely crazy here.

Hubby had a sore backside for no discernible reason about three weeks ago. Fast forward to today, and we've had two urgent care visits, an ER visit, one surgery clinic followup and a diabetes clinic visit. Long story short, an abscess burst, the skin roof came off and it got infected, so now there's twice-daily home wound care (aren't I the luckiest thing), Type 2 Diabetes (full-blown, no mistakes, he's got it), and, like, seven different prescriptions. Well, seven prescriptions PLUS a blood glucose meter, finger stabbers lancets and testing strips.

Along with all of that, the idle air control valve in the car decided it was done being operational, so we've been needing to rely on rides from my dad and anyone else who was willing until the part arrived, because no bloody store carried it, it was special order in all of them. ALL OF THEM. *takes deep breath* The part arrived today, and we also had to swing by the dealership for some kind of gasket thing.

I stayed home from work all week, which was nice, although the reason for it wasn't so nice. But, exhausted from all the running around, I haven't cleaned much of anything.

I did manage to finish my submission for the [personal profile] hp_porninthesun fest, so I'm excited for that; posting started today! :D I'm not as pleased with my submission this year as I was last year, but I like it well enough, so hopefully my recipient will, too.

How are all of you?


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