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It's Monday once again, which means my lovely weekend is over. Boo.

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And that wraps it up, I guess. Now it's back to the grind for another five days. And this year's state fair starts on Thursday; we're going on Saturday, which we're looking forward to doing. Mike's already hoping to win another giant, stuffed toy. ;)
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Hello, everybody! *settles back in happily* I am back from vacation, and while I could easily - easily - handle another few months of that, it's awesome to be back at home, in my own bed, on my own loveseat.

And of course, I missed being connected. It's astonishing how much being connected means to me, but I don't mind it.

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And last but not least for today, my dad now has a journal of his own.

Welcome to DW, [personal profile] psyche29sdad!
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Yowser, it's been a busy few weeks. It never seems like it, though, till I get down to the wire (aka Three Days Till We Leave For The Lake). This is when it seems like there are a million and eighteen things to do.

So, like any self-respecting journaler, I am putting it off for a little longer in order to recap here. Duh.

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I'm straining under the weight of so many things to get done before we leave on Saturday, but I know that once we leave, it's going to be a great week.
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1. It's Friiiiiiiddaaaaaaayyyy!!!

I tell you, this week has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I thought that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday EACH FELT LIKE MONDAY. Then, to be irritating, yesterday felt like Friday. Imagine my shock and horror to discover it was only actually Thursday and I still had today to get through before the weekend!

2. SO ANYWAY. It's Friday, and I talked my supervisor into letting me out of here early. Like, I get to go home in an hour and a half. Which, let's face it, is good; I'm fairly useless today, anyway.

3. We leave tomorrow morning AT 5:30, ZOMG to drive up to Mikey's camp. We're picking him up there. I'm excited to see him, to see how the week went for him. Don't get me wrong, though - I have loved every second of this quiet week. It'll be hard to give up, but it'll also be nice to have him home.

4. Two weeks ago we did the whole 4th of July thing, saw fireworks and grilled with my parents and sister. Well, when they went home, I guess some of their neighbors were setting off their own fireworks, and they all went outside to watch. Well my mother, colossal klutz that she is, went back inside to go to bed, and tripped down the last two stairs. She finally went to the doctor just this last Monday (the 12th), AND SHE SPRAINED AN ANKLE ON ONE SIDE AND BROKE HER FOOT ON THE OTHER!!! Good Christ, the woman is an accident magnet, I tell you.

So of course, she's having issues getting around, but-. She'll still be able to come up to the lake in a few weeks, but she won't be able to go in it.

The only good thing about it at all, of course, is that I'll have a good reason for telling her she CANNOT come grocery shopping with me the first day to get all the food! *HEE*

5. It's 11:11. Make a wish.
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We went out of town for the weekend, up north to Duluth. Got a great deal on a good hotel and got the hell out of dodge for a couple days.

Back home now; I have pictures.

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1. Feeling better today - definitely a good thing. :)

2. Dinner tonight at Bunny and John's, and kiddo will probably sleep over, so quiet evening! YAY!

3. Dad is out of the hospital. He was released yesterday shortly after noon. The docs have concluded that the chest pains were NOT his heart, thankfully. However, they don't know what DID cause the pains, so we're at a loss, there. Dad has a regular doc appt coming up soon, if not today (because I'm really bad with time, OK?), and hopefully he'll find out what he needs to do to be able to continue walking, as that's the more imminent threat right now.

4. My friend I mentioned earlier now has an LJ! I'm so pleased, I can't wait to show her the ropes. She may yet come to DW, too, but I'm STOOPID and messed up the web address. *rolls eyes at self* Either way, I'm glad she has an outlet available to her! Next step: teaching her how to navigate a forum. XD.

5. You guys, these shoes have HEART-SHAPED HEELS!! ♥♥♥

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Found over on Fluevog.

6. Just renewed a bunch of books from the library online - handy little tool. Finally finished The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) the other night. It was such a wonderful book; I'll need to procure my own copy of it. If you've read it, I'd like to chat with you about it.

7. Friday, I love you. Thank you for FINALLY dragging your ass here, because I am so beyond ready for the weekend!
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I feel icky today. I woke up around 4:30 this morning with those icky burps - the ones that feel and taste and smell like throw-up. I've been queasy ever since then. Urgh.

I don't have the burps anymore, but I just FEEL bloaty and gassy and YUCK. I was hoping it would be Saturday, but no such luck, hmm? Suckish. It may have been an effect of eating dinner so late last night, but late dinners don't usually affect me. Hopefully it goes away soon.

We went to see Dad last night in the hospital. He's in really good spirits and looks like he feels fine; he's in the ridiculous hospital garb and little bootie slippers, and has IV hookups sticking out of his hand, which I couldn't even look at, for shit's sake, but he didn't look small and insignificant and lost, like so many people do when they're sick and in the hospital.

He expects to be let out today at some point, they did part of his stress test yesterday and were going to finish it up today. I'm not really worried or anything, but I'll be glad when he's back home all the same.

I'm irritated and cranky about a number of things today, and the day in general seems to be conspiring against me. It says, "You need to learn some things, child, and overcome difficulties. And I will drag you, kicking and screaming if I must, through to tomorrow, whether you learn and overcome or not. Sucker."


SO. It's nearly the weekend. How are all of you doing?

I have a friend from college I've been chatting more recently with, and I'm close to talking her into joining Obliviate and signing up with LJ or DW. I told her Obliviate would be a good place to start, to meet people and make some friends, and she needs that right now. I'm nearly there; her difficulties with any of it lie in actually finding time to feel like it matters. I know how it goes.

OK, I better pretend to work for a while. I swear, I've done jack SHIT this week. I need to get on the ball, here.
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Talked to Mom this morning. She said she talked to Dad and they're going to do the test in two parts, so they'll keep him again tonight. She wanted to know if we were going to see him later, and if so, could we pick her up and take her along so she doesn't have to ask Steve again.

Of course we can, and we decided we WILL go to visit him, so of course we'll fetch her on the way, we know how she is about driving.

But at the same time, JESUS, Mom - I don't like to drive, either, but I CAN DO IT IF I HAVE TO. *rolls eyes*

This is just making her a basket case.

Well. More of a basket case than usual, anyway.

It makes me think of everything I'll have to take on should Bad Things Happen, which makes me feel selfish, but EXHAUSTED with the sheer enormity of it. I don't even know if I can coherently explain everything that would go into that kind of disaster. Just know that it would be Huge and Not Good.

re: Dad

Apr. 21st, 2010 08:31 am
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I have since talked to him. He's had the frigging chest pains since LAST WEDNESDAY. He called the doctor to make an appointment, and when they asked why and he told them, THEY told him to call the nurse line, where he was then told to go to the hospital. Christ Jesus, this man is such a bloody MAN! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

His right leg is also swollen from the knee down. At the hospital yesterday an EKG was done, and while it was abnormal, the doctors seem to feel it's "not necessarily heart-attack-related." They kept him overnight because they're doing a nuclear stress test this morning and also looking for clots.
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Dear Dad,

I am your oldest and sanest child. I should not have to find out from one of the most unstable ones that you have had chest pains for three days and have been at the hospital since 2:30 this afternoon, after you finally called the nurse line...and that after she beat around the bush about being worried and forced me to roll my eyes and ask flat-out if she was planning to spill it or just be all vague about it.

I am aware that I am an adult and no longer really get to qualify as Daddy's Little Girl, but I do still expect you to instruct SOMEONE to call me, if you're unable to just do it your bloody self. I'm the one who will have to clean up the aftermath should Bad Things Happen, so I'm pretty sure I'm entitled to a call from you or someone else under your direction.

And dammit, you should have called me two days ago, when said chest pains had been present for 24 hours. I am Not Amused.

I expect a phone call tomorrow after your nuclear stress test to let me know how it went. I expect another phone call when you get the results from that test. And I expect phone calls for any subsequent tests and results. I know we live only a couple miles apart, and that I'm really not a Chat-on-the-Phone Kind of Girl, but there are reasons for having a phone in the first place. This would be one of them. Put your Dad suit on and CALL ME.

I am Irritated With You.

But I Still Love You, You Bonehead,

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My sister Valerie is in town with her husband Bailey and the ridiculously named "Phoenix."

And he's so happy and adorable, I can hardly stand it! XD. )
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1. First things first - I'm kind of surprised no one had anything to say about my last post. If you simply missed it but are reading this one, I would really appreciate thoughts on the previous one.

2. It was such a fabulous weekend. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we were kid-free till Sunday afternoon. Hubby and I had ourselves a day-long date on Saturday and it was perfect. We had an early lunch, did some shopping, just drove around for a few hours, did a little more shopping, took in a movie, had a late dinner and went home. MAN, did I love Saturday.

3. The movie we saw was Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and it was very good. I love the books, and while obviously stuff had to be cut out for a movie, and of course they messed crap up, it was still very good, and made hubby want to read the book. Excellent. I also loved being able to prod him along through the movie, to be able to see a scene spread out and be able to say, "OK, what do you see a lot of? Who do you think they'll meet here? What do you think is happening here?" It was really fun to watch things click for him with just a word here, a prod there.

4. Cut for pictures! )

5. Speaking of this Saturday, Valerie and Bailey are visiting with baby Phoenix. They'll arrive Friday, and we'll probably see them Saturday or Sunday. I'll have to try to take pictures - for having a stupid name, the kid is way cute, and happy, too.

6. Big Bang Theory tonight - yay! XD.
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1. I love lazy days like this. No place to go, nothing pressing to do. It's 11:21 A.M. and I'm still in my PJs. Yes, most certainly a lovely day.

2. Mom's surgery went well; it took just under an hour, and it only took that long because the node was wedged right up against a nerve. The biopsy came back and the growth was benign, so all is well. And I can already tell Mom's moving better. Thank you for any prayers and thoughts that were sent her way - she appreciates them.

3. Mikey has a retainer now. He has to wear it all the time except while eating and brushing his teeth. He hates it and complains about it, but is pretty good about not arguing too much. It looks like a slice of watermelon - he got to choose what it would look like - and even after two weeks, we can see the difference. We still don't think he'll manage to get out of having braces, but this is definitely helping. The first few days were amusing; we couldn't understand a word he said. ;)

4. Also, what IS it with this kid and his ability to lose crap?! I have lost three separate pair of gloves this season alone because he's lost three pair of his own, and mine in replacement! He's also lost two hats and a "burglar" hat, and a couple of scarves.

5. At work, Blanca taught me how to say "kiss my ass" in Spanish! *LMAO* She's so funny, she was like, "But it's REALLY bad, so don't tell anyone I told you!"

6. I MADE MY OWN HOMEMADE CHAI MIX. No more paying ridiculous prices for it in the store! Now I can heat up a mug of water and put in a few spoonsful of my homemade mix! Message me with your email addy if you want it, I've got it saved in Word format.

7. Finally made my oatmeal blueberry pecan cookies yesterday. SO. GOOD. I used my mom's oatmeal raisin recipe, but substituted blueberries for the raisins and used pecans instead of the usual walnuts. [ profile] herminia wanted me to post the recipe, so here it is:

Oatmeal Blueberry Pecan Cookies )

8. Went to the library yesterday, picked up The Love of a Good Woman (Alice Munro) and Artemis Fowl (Eoin Colfer), as well as One for the Money (Janet Evanovich), which is the first of the Stephanie Plum novels. I've read through nine or ten, but want to start over so I can remember everything, as it's been a while.

9. That's about all - I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!
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1. Mom's got a pre-op physical this afternoon, and is scheduled for outpatient surgery on Tuesday. They'll remove the lymph node, and do a biopsy on it afterwards. I guess the CAT scan was inconclusive enough to make the doc just want to remove the node altogether, and go from there. I'm not too worried; I think it's better to just get it out and see what's what.

2. WE LEAVE IN AN HOUR! Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We're going to Duluth for the weekend, up to Island View Resort, where we've stayed a few times before. We really like the place, and we've been wanting to do it in the winter, so off we go for the weekend. I can hardly stand it, I'm so excited to get out of town for a couple days. We'll be in cabin 6, which looks great. *is excited*

3. We'll even be back in time for the football game on Sunday evening. I was telling Matt this morning that I don't care if they win or lose - I mean, obviously, winning is nice, but as long as they show up and play the game the way I know they are capable of doing, I'll be happy. All the same, GO VIKINGS!!

4. A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking. EARL WILSON.

5. Have a good weekend, everybody!!
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1. We went to the library on Saturday morning. I re-checked out The Stillest Day (Josephine Hart) since it was on the shelf, and also found Fire (Kristin Cashore) and The Magician's Guild (Trudi Canavan). I finished Fire before I went to sleep that night - it was VERY good.

Updated Reading List )

2. Had a lazy weekend, did a lot of reading. Went to Bunny and John's yesterday for split pea soup and grilled cheese sandwiches; watched the football game (YEAH, VIKES!!!) and got a fabulous box cut RIGHT ALONG THE CUTICLE on my left thumb. Bled like a stuck pig, straight through the first bandaid and well into a second. It's fine now, but MAN, did it hurt at the time.

3. Mom's CAT scan on Friday went fine, she gets the results today, so I'll have to call her later and find out what's up, since no one ever bothers to call me and tell me of their own volition. *rolls eyes*

4. Going up to Duluth for a little get-away next weekend. Cabin's all booked and I can't wait. Even if all we do is hunker down for the weekend inside the cabin, it will nice to get out of town for a couple days. I leave work early on Friday, and we come back Sunday afternoon - in time to watch the game!

5. GO VIKINGS!! I actually don't really know who will win - my team is excellent, but the Saints are AWESOME. It's going to be a tough game. I think we could win, but I have no delusions whatsoever regarding the Vikes' capability of bombing it. Either way, we'll tune in.

6. Go away, monthly annoyance. You're not wanted in this body.
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My mom called me today. She has a lump on her neck; it's been there for three months, and the doctor found it today. It's about "one point something centimeters," to quote her, and hurts her a bit. She goes in for a CT scan on Friday, and she said something about a biopsy, but also mentioned that the doctor thinks it's probably benign.

She's worried - which is understandable, even if she IS a world-class hypochondriac - but right now, it's more the waiting for her. I'm not going to freak out, no worries. But if you pray, please ask that her own worries remain low. If she's panicked, she'll only focus more on all her other aches and pains, and everything will be magnified ten thousand percent.
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So last Thursday, Matt picked up Mikey from school and then drove down here to wait for me to get off work, as per usual. He mentioned to Mike that Jenn (his brother Steve's wife) had their new baby the previous evening, and somehow the topic got on to how it was a C-section. So Mikey asked what that was, and Matt explained that it meant the doctors cut a small opening in Jenn's tummy and took the baby out.

Mikey asked if he was born like that, and Matt said, "No, you were born the regular way." And not understanding, Mike wanted to know what the "regular" way was.

Keep in mind, this kid has no idea what sex is, how babies are made, etc. He thinks it's "sex" if two people are naked, in bed, under the covers, and kissing. And he thinks that babies are made by Mommy kissing Daddy while "thinking real hard about wanting a baby." And remember, too, that this is the 11-year-old who firmly believes that girls don't have crotches because they don't have a penis or balls, and no amount of description or definition or authority will make him believe it.

So Matt tells him the regular way is when "the baby comes out where the girl's private parts are."

Mikey thinks for a few minutes, then says, "So I came out where the pee comes out?"

And Matt, laughing, said that "no, of course not - you came out from the same area, but not from where the pee comes from."

Another few seconds pass, and Mikey, the picture of incredulity and confusion, asks in exasperation, "But where's the third hole?!?!!"


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More Info.

Jan. 7th, 2010 01:16 pm
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So from what I understand, Lynnette's daughter had a pulmonary embolism. She came home last night, said she wasn't feeling well, and went to lie down. When Lynnette checked on her later, she was gone. So sad.

Kimberly's dad is back home now; the hospital he was at wasn't giving him the right meds at the right times in the right amounts, which was part of the dementia problems. That hospital is ridiculously incompetent, by most accounts. *sighs*

And my nephew! The doctors say he isn't a SICK baby, only a very SMALL one, which means they may be able to move him to a hospital closer to their home as early as next week! YAY!!


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